We Need To Talk About Anti-Asian Hate

We need to talk about the rise of anti-Asian hate and attacks. Join Eugene for an in-depth conversation about the complex, often untold story of the Asian American community, the unique struggles they face, and find out how you can help #StopAsianHate.
Speak up and speak out with us by sharing your story on NOcds and across social media with the hashtag #TalkAsianHate.
00:00 - Introduction
04:10 - Yellow Peril
08:20 - America At War
11:57 - Model Minority
19:06 - Vincent Chin
22:55 - Black & Asian Communities
31:11 - Policing
36:01 - Hate Rhetoric
46:10 - Monolith & Media
51:49 - Generational Divide
58:29 - Voting & Representation
1:04:39 - How You Can Help
Zoe Malik - Research Producer
View our main resource material here: docs.google.com/document/d/1A66DRLuB1pEAQUnHJ0Bgg04CL2T0ivLrnUVPuP_-WRQ/edit?usp=sharing
Tanzila "Taz" Ahmed
Bing Chen
David Dang
Mary Dang
Carroll Fife
Sean P. Fong
Shirley Gee
Asia Jackson
Andy Kim
Phillip Lim
Lisa Ling
Dr. Simran Jeet Singh
Annie Tan
Philip Wang
Rev. angel Kyodo williams
YB Chang @xoybox
Skyler Klingenberg
Aiko Igasaki
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  • If you can, please help uplift, empower, and protect our communities against rising anti-Asian attacks by donating to the GoFundMe.org. Support the AAPI Community Fund through NOcds’s Donate button or at gofundme.com/AAPI. Proceeds will be distributed to a vetted group of community, neighborhood, and victim organizations.

    The Try GuysThe Try Guys21 dag siden
    • Thank you for your video. Hopefully more Asians learn to undo and deal with our anti-Blackness. We should help use some of our privilege to help advance the Black community. Like become patrons to their businesses. You know what would be cool is if we help start a program to protect Black people from say the cops.

      Abandoned Fragment of HopeAbandoned Fragment of Hope10 timer siden
    • How is money going to stop bigotry?

      C YoungerC Younger22 timer siden
    • This is a nice attempt at sugar-coating what is actually happening. As your video clearly shows the West has had a hate-a-thon against China and the Chinese for the last 200 years as their laborers have always been extremely hard-working and competent (it was about “cleanliness" which this silly video tries to state). Now the anti-China hate has come again as China's economy is returning to pre-colonial levels. Throughout most of history China has always been one of the richest nations on Earth. What we're seeing in the West right now is not actually Anti-Asian hate. It is Anti-China hate. The problem is dumb f***ing racists don't know that Asians aren't all Chinese and therefore all of y'all are getting beat-up/killed over this anti-China fervor pushed by Western gov'ts and their lapdog media. NOcds itself pushes anti-China hate by always boosting anti-China youtubers such as Serpentza, China-Uncensored (Falun Gong media), China in Focus (also Falun gong media) etc etc to the top of search results. If you'd like an on-the-ground look at China you can drop by my channel where I make vlogs and also some news type vids.

      numuvesnumuves3 dager siden
    • @Squishiopeia OMG , You are throwin down truth left & right. Glad to see the addressing of this fucked up situation in a much needed directness. Props ! Where are you , East coast, west coast?

      Jimbe' CarrollJimbe' Carroll3 dager siden
    • I did not watch your video, because you and yours are the type to deny reality. Go watch Menace to Society and explain why the Liquor Store scenario is so common.

      Apu ApustajaApu Apustaja4 dager siden
  • this just sad that people would even say that "you Asian people caused the coronavirus"

    favdenfavden21 minutt siden
  • Such a brilliant, well-researched and powerful video. Thank you so much for taking the time to shed light on this issue.

    R FR F24 minutter siden
  • Who is attacking Asians? Look at the percentages. Where are Asians being attacked? Certainly not in red states. You discussed how they are being portrayed in the media, but by whom? And, why is it that the trend of Asians voting in larger numbers for left and progressive politicians is a good thing? Which famous progressive leader of the last hundred years was not a flaming racist? What a slanted misleading POS post.

    Chris McCloskeyChris McCloskey24 minutter siden
  • Asians are the most racist peoples on earth

    Stephen OyokoStephen Oyoko41 minutt siden
  • America is the land of the free, For Americans

    Richard HalimRichard HalimTime siden
  • representation of asians in the media are either super poor or super rich

    whinona purplewhinona purpleTime siden
  • Holy crap. How is this not talked about more??

    shadowofthecandleshadowofthecandle2 timer siden
  • I wish there will be more children's book promoting Asian American recognition, and also more learning on Asian American's history in public school education system.

    Yingjie PearYingjie Pear2 timer siden
  • 1:25 You want to be seen as 'american' yet complain that people can't tell who is 'chinese' 'korean' etc... so what do you really want?

    Wong Tik KiWong Tik Ki3 timer siden
  • The ignorance fueling this hate is just breathtaking

    Jason RokuJason Roku3 timer siden
  • Wow, such a complex topic with so many layers. Well handled.

    Maddie DenikeMaddie Denike3 timer siden
  • It's Batter, Time To Leave (USA)

    Independent BanglaIndependent Bangla3 timer siden
  • Thank you for this video

    Chaeyeon ParkChaeyeon Park5 timer siden
  • And some people say: Well Asian people didn't stand for BLM -.- excuse me?I'm Asian,I was naive and I supported it.Then when BLM turned on us I realized how stupid I was back then

    Annabelle Phen LeeAnnabelle Phen Lee5 timer siden
  • isnt this just racism

    KiprasKipras6 timer siden
  • At 17:55 Eugene said something very important: Undercuting someones acomplishment because of their race. Isnt that something that is currently done to whites as well? Where it is said that they only got into a position become of privilage baised on their skin?

    Verena A. MutzatkoVerena A. Mutzatko6 timer siden
  • Are we just gonna hate on every race? Wow 😃

    Yeet YeetYeet Yeet6 timer siden
  • One of my best friends is Korean and the things that he's been told or yelled at because of the pandemic makes me infuriated. Also a Chinese restaurant that we would go to all the time, we knew most of the family and workers well and even had our "own" spot, was harassed and threatened so much and so bad that they were forced to sell it to another family and they moved out of the state. We need to stop the ridiculous hatred of someone just because of how they look.

    J. RollerJ. Roller7 timer siden
  • I'm korean I'm not Chinese

    구독자 0명 좀구독자 0명 좀9 timer siden
  • No mention how Asians have to score higher on SAT scores than almost every other demographic for college entry. Horrible. That's the definition of racism.

    James CurranJames Curran10 timer siden
  • Anti Asian Hate ? The only hate I'm hearing about is on Whites

    Skylark 99Skylark 9910 timer siden
  • Dear my Asian brothers and sisters...It's time for us to United as one and let them know we are strong...

    하이커 데이빗-Hiker David하이커 데이빗-Hiker David11 timer siden
  • is someone gonna talk about how Hollywood and Media in general directly overlooks and stereotypes asians.

    Baynuz RaiBaynuz Rai12 timer siden
  • Gosh. That people from east feels like. Being bullied by saying 'terrorism'.

    Suci DonaSuci Dona13 timer siden
  • He needs a Netflix series this was soo interesting thanks for educating us, my heart is out for all Asians going through this right now and people who are doing the discriminating need to be held accountable

    chidichidi13 timer siden
  • Kill racist and over religious zombies that's the only way to save the world and we can also control over population

    i am a billionairei am a billionaire13 timer siden
    • clapclap SlAyy QuEen

      Ferris BuellerFerris Bueller8 timer siden
  • As a member of the Jewish community I'd like to say thank you. this was very important. My people no more than 100 years ago were treated awfully and the fact that is shifting just sucks it's the fucking worst

    Najia JackNajia Jack14 timer siden
  • The Asians in this video are white, clearly, just different culturally.

    Reese MReese M15 timer siden
    • Wait are you saying the Asians in this video are ethnically white or culturally white

      fwokworks.123fwokworks.12312 timer siden
  • Thank you so much for this new awareness of Asian history. Makes so much sense now why blacks and Asian were divided. All POC need to grow in solidarity. Stop blaming other POC and start to have this conversation to remember that yes...we are angry and we are hurt but we need to find a better solution to stand with each other so we can stop ALL hate !

    Um PhotosUm Photos16 timer siden
  • Why is the world full of hate why can’t we live in peace

  • Glad to see a Sikh man represented as Asian as well since we are from Asia

    YdidutakemynameYdidutakemyname16 timer siden
  • I love the encouragement of local and grassroots efforts instead of just focusing on creating laws. Sometimes it seems we lean too heavily on politics, laws, and government to attempt to correct something when in reality, it's the local, person to person, coming together, individual changes that really make a difference. If we start to change individually, there will be less need for those laws at all.

    AlyseAlyse17 timer siden
  • The USA found on freedom and justice . Ha ha ha ha .... Racism !

    Welcome to the Bat caveWelcome to the Bat cave20 timer siden
  • Anti-asian hate? Hating people who hate asians?

    Sefa BaskalSefa Baskal20 timer siden
    • *become

      E- lectronE- lectron13 timer siden
    • No, you call a racist 'asian hate', and anti means something you disagree. Now if you put asian hate and anti it'll becomd Anti-asian hate.

      E- lectronE- lectron13 timer siden
  • Why nobody talk about indian american where living in america before any english man came here

    TanphatTanphat20 timer siden
  • Hahaha..

    Sunshine NgSunshine Ng21 time siden
  • Fake news

    • How?

      Yuen Ho HuiYuen Ho Hui10 timer siden
  • I don't understand how someone could just harrass someone just because of their race.

    slurz.slurz.22 timer siden
  • Why did the Chinese people come the States in the 1800s? The Opium War was one of the major causes to the downfall of Qing dynasty China which eventually lead people to come to the United States to seek a supposedly better future-- even though the United States was part of the foreign imperialist powers.

    VCVC22 timer siden
  • Didn't know about Vincent Chin's story until this video. Also, even if Vincent was Japanese, how would that make it okay to assault and murder him? Thanks for this video.

    Theresa TanTheresa Tan23 timer siden
  • Incredible work. Thanks for making this

    urjrurjrDag siden
  • Please do one for mmiwg for indigenous people!!!!!!!!

    Dru FairleyDru FairleyDag siden
  • 126 grand guess how much is actually going to fight asian hate and hes lying about texas not having anything about asian hate in textbooks

  • Yet even with knowing all these, many still can't changing their biased value system, that are so ingrained in their minds and almost impossible to change. I'm not saying one should instantly change their view to hating America or White people. That's just as irrational as racism itself. But be more objective when looking at things. Such as the cold war rhetoric that America is push with the new rising power is fuelling the anti-asian hate. Understand the fundamental motives behind people's actions is the first step to solving any social or political problems.

    Shaochen XuShaochen XuDag siden
  • what an ironic mask "hate is a virus" "end white people" not end hate. or end stereotypes of all groups. but all 1 sided hate directed at a single ethnic group. the irony is lost on the person who made it and the people who made the video.

    Mana MontanaMana MontanaDag siden
  • Can someone please caption this in any or most Asian languages? It seems like it would be wildly helpful.

    Faith EllisFaith EllisDag siden
    • @Djiog oh. Thanks for telling me

      Faith EllisFaith Ellis13 timer siden
    • Unfortunately, community-made captions have been removed by youtube.

      DjiogDjiog13 timer siden
  • "he bans immigration from 7 countries" how is this racist? he didn't ban all the countries only specifically dangerous ones. muslims were not banned in the slightest.

    Mana MontanaMana MontanaDag siden
  • I absolutely love how they try to link the anti asian hate to Trump despite the fact that the people doing these assaults are Trump hating black people.

    Mana MontanaMana MontanaDag siden
  • YES. YES. YES.

    Lucy LuLucy LuDag siden
  • 'C'orona is from 'C'hina Not 'K'orea, 'J'apan, 'V'ietnam etc

    ____Dag siden
    • Is this not originally true? Before the Chinese Government sneezed on all its neighboring asians.

      Ferris BuellerFerris Bueller8 timer siden
    • Is this a joke about racists? I’m confused

      Yuen Ho HuiYuen Ho Hui10 timer siden
    • Racist are stupid, don't expect them to be smart

      E- lectronE- lectron13 timer siden
  • Wtf is wrong with people?!!!!

    diana davincidiana davinciDag siden
  • Many Asians in America are not victims and are not marginalized - many are LOADED AS HELL - with a net worth NEARLY DOUBLE THAT OF WHITE PEOPLE. SO what conclusion do you think we can draw from that?

    ACEACEDag siden
    • @Math Simon yeah lol

      E- lectronE- lectron13 timer siden
    • Lol you didn't watch the video, clearly.

      Math SimonMath SimonDag siden
  • Thank you for making this video!

    Alexiel MarquayAlexiel MarquayDag siden
  • I do know one thing - Asian "hate" if you want to call it that really emerged from China's recent contribution to the world, called coronavirus. So if anything, blame China. Go to the source of the "hate." Also, the attacks are magnified by the media. what percent of Asians living in USA are attacked? Less than ... the dot at the end of this sentence. So, stop trying to EXPLOIT a few Asian attacks to FUND AAPL. They have ENOUGH MONEY.

    ACEACEDag siden
  • Becareful of what media feeds u...thats all am saying to americans

    ilove2929ilove2929Dag siden
  • Extremely good documentary. Thank you for creating this.

    Terrin LawrenceTerrin LawrenceDag siden
  • But why ):

    LykeeLykeeDag siden
  • Why are people like this? I'm sorry but why tf is everyone in this world such an asshole.

    Jade The Jaded.Jade The Jaded.Dag siden
  • The minorities in America needs to constantly remind white Americans that they too are not the original people of America, that they too are immigrants from Europe! They need to know this and be constantly told!

    Q NQ NDag siden
  • Also known as racism...call it what it is!!!

    Moly B. DenumMoly B. DenumDag siden
  • Dead ass!! Am Asian myself try me !! It will be a different outcome!

    Sonam DhargyalSonam DhargyalDag siden
  • Well most Americans believe Asian is only Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.... Completely disregard the rest of Asian like Singaporean, Malaysian, Indonesian, etc

    Curious WondererCurious WondererDag siden
    • Then how should you group people? group them by region? physical attributes? believes? religion? country of origin? The word asian only matters in the west but not in asia.

      Turtlesoup 81Turtlesoup 81Dag siden
  • you motivated me to do a project for schools in the Czech Republic about racism

    DarkDarkDag siden
  • This is so powerful

    Becca H.Becca H.Dag siden

    jackie archerjackie archerDag siden
    • Let's not fight and cause further division. We are all minorities and we should support one another, just as we did in the past. See the 23:00 mark in this video.

      Math SimonMath SimonDag siden
    • True

      Yuvi SinghYuvi SinghDag siden
  • Just donated, Korean Canadian 2nd generation. Let's be vocal and united against racism and hate!

    Stephen ChaStephen ChaDag siden
  • The roots of all hate are JEALOUSYYYYYY..!!! envy the success, wealth, appearance of the Asian people race. they envy the success, intelligence, wealth, appearance of the Asian race. especially the trumpet who was jealous of the success of the Chinese state in dealing with the pandemic in China. hahahah...have a big body but a BRAIN only the size of a peanut

    Gussiny LesehanGussiny LesehanDag siden
  • thank you so so much, my school is doing a presentation regarding the hate towards asian and pacific islander communities. this is not only an amazing resource, but a great personal eye opening experience.

    Dominique MurilloDominique MurilloDag siden
  • Truly disgusting to see this kind of bigotry continue.

    AtaraxiaAtaraxiaDag siden
  • I have always been wondering, why nobody addresses this topic, now that black lives matters is finally getting the attention it deserves. Thanks for filling the gap!

    RattibaerchenRattibaerchen2 dager siden
    • BLM seems to be more concentrated in the states...I'm Asian and live in the Caribbean and blacks are extremely racist.

      Moly B. DenumMoly B. DenumDag siden
  • Asians have to be forced to permanently leave America and live the rest of there lives in corrupt Asia were they belong

    PeterPeter2 dager siden
    • Japan is more non-corrupted than america.

      E- lectronE- lectron13 timer siden
    • Wtf is ur problem?

      P. RP. R2 dager siden
  • Asians have to permanently leave America and never come back, America is purely European damn it

    PeterPeter2 dager siden
    • @Math Simon indeed, also Peter change your name as p•ssy@ss

      E- lectronE- lectron13 timer siden
    • America was purely American Indian before your ancestors decided to kill and remove the American Indians from their lands. By your logic, "Americans" should therefore leave America and go back to Europe.

      Math SimonMath SimonDag siden
    • America never has been purely European. Europeans came to America as colonizers, there have been people in America long before Europeans.

      Krisztina SomogyiKrisztina Somogyi2 dager siden
  • 28:49 This has nothing to do with white or black people. Having a lighter shade of skin color was considered to be more noble and beautiful for thousands of years, because only peasants and poor people have tanned/dark skin.

    DwarkinAVDwarkinAV2 dager siden
    • The cultural foundations doesn‘t change the fact that it is colorist and problematic. Being able to recognize that that notion of beauty/purity also causes that projection to be placed on skin tone on a massively systemic level globally is massively important. It may not have started as a racial issue, but it has always been divisive.

      The Motion of PicturesThe Motion of PicturesDag siden
  • Black are more racist to Asians than White in today's America.

    Lumie SarabosingLumie Sarabosing2 dager siden
  • Let me guess... white surpremacy.

    Pete SahadPete Sahad2 dager siden
  • European Caucasian created a system. They were at the top because of their skin and EVERYONE was below them. The darker you are the worse you are. But still, after all this time, we still have no realized that they were minorities the entire time. Race is a Jedi mind trick. And they did it by putting every brown skinned race in a competition for second.

    Sin City QuinnSin City Quinn2 dager siden
    • All societies created a system like that.

      Joshua GreenJoshua Green16 timer siden
    • I guess China created the system to be in top to. So did Korea. So did Japan.. You are a moron my guy.

      KelootKelootDag siden
  • America hides their bad history by redirecting history to their "good moments" but did you know the U.S dropped 270 MILLION bombs on our people for 9 YEARS!!!! Laos use to be called the land of a 1000 elephants

    Titus PTitus P2 dager siden
  • I don’t get it. Asians are so quiet when this happens to other people. A generalization but still true. Kids being locked up at the southern border? Silent. Black people being shot for nothing in the street. Silent. Being black, you know about elderly Asian women. That’s all I’m saying. But it’s like y’all forgot that it just wasn’t your turn. This has happened to Asians several times in this country.

    Sin City QuinnSin City Quinn2 dager siden
  • It is so hard watch this, and hard being a asian person who has to live with this fear.

    Erica NguyenErica Nguyen2 dager siden
  • This hate is sponsored by the trump/Biden administration and all other the western governments and media. China is like Chinese people - we want to do business, and be left alone. CCPs are all Chinese, too. China is way more capitalist than Canada and other western countries. US has had wars in all its history except 16 years, way more than Chia had in its 5000 years. Americans have to hate someone...Russians, Muslims...and now Chinese and other Asians are the target.

    April ZhangApril Zhang2 dager siden
    • No, China is definitely not Capitalist.

      The Motion of PicturesThe Motion of PicturesDag siden
    • Agree except for the Capitalist China part. NO, China is not a capitalist. It has element of market driven economy and its political system will not tolerate capital to rule the decision makers (no legal lobby group). Capitalism is not just a purely economic ideology but also include political ideology/systems too.

      Turtlesoup 81Turtlesoup 81Dag siden
  • why when something bad happens its the USA

    PaxdeadPaxdead2 dager siden
  • damn at least it not that bad like in 1940 america when asian people were going to lighter interment camps?

    PaxdeadPaxdead2 dager siden
  • Racism is inherent in a settler colonial country. After all, settler colonial structures still persist. If your nation is built on racial superiority principles.. take a look at education - lack of historical context.

    Verum SimilisVerum Similis2 dager siden
  • I hate China not Asia.

    Peter ParkerPeter Parker2 dager siden
  • The US Government is always the problem.

    Fox FitFox Fit2 dager siden
  • Why native Indian is not involves abt racist?

    BRICS&SCOBRICS&SCO2 dager siden
  • May Asian American should go to work for China maybe get chances for promotion

    BRICS&SCOBRICS&SCO2 dager siden

    marie Bellmarie Bell2 dager siden
    • They literally did

      Anna WoronieckaAnna WoronieckaDag siden
  • What a wonderful talk. Thank you for articulating so much of what we have felt for so long, but unwilling and or unable to communicate to others. Yes, we are Americans.

    Gwen LeungGwen Leung2 dager siden
  • Thank you for this

    TDD YTTDD YT2 dager siden
  • Americans if you notice tradition is HATE, GREED, AND DIVISION. That's why fast food is pushed and drugs to keep us actting like ANIMALS. Now the other minorities can see the racism is real. This is nothing new to blacks but we always told it's in our heads. Now the other minority groups get to see it first hand.

    Far FetchedFar Fetched2 dager siden
  • Yes this needs to be talked about because even myself have thought of Asians having it the best of the minorities ..Smart and making most of the money ...

    nativemrv19722nativemrv197222 dager siden
  • Like most mainstream media, NOcds channels, the general public they will go all the way to hate us, love our food, martial arts, but they will ignore this topic, thx for doing something different.

    G O DG O D2 dager siden
  • We are lucky you are Asian or else it would like most media companies who sweep this topic and encourage hate against Asians

    G O DG O D2 dager siden
  • I have never heard of ANY of these news stories. Education is the first step, thank you so so much for putting this video together.

    mewtwo3291mewtwo32912 dager siden
  • this literally dont exist

    TenAppleTenApple2 dager siden
    • @P. R Dont respond to a troll

      GamingCanaryYTGamingCanaryYTDag siden
    • What doesn’t exist?

      P. RP. R2 dager siden
  • What a shameless money grab. If you spend your money on this scam you deserve to be poor. If you want to end asian hate you'll have to deport all of the black people.

    Poopy ButtPoopy Butt2 dager siden
    • Your username accurately describes you

      GamingCanaryYTGamingCanaryYTDag siden
  • go back to china? why don't you go back to europe?

    Lazy SlackerLazy Slacker2 dager siden
  • You only know one language “You BASIC”

    kmq1313kmq13132 dager siden