Try Guys Debunk COVID Vaccine Conspiracies With Dr. Fauci

Today we're asking Dr. Anthony Fauci all of the questions you want answers to about the COVID- 19 vaccine and debunking conspiracy theories, misinformation, and myths! Thank you, Dr. Fauci taking the time to talk with us!
Covid-19 Vaccine FAQ's
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Dr. Anthony Fauci - Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and professional Immunologist
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  • Vomit.

    Cory PedigoCory PedigoTime siden
  • funny .... yesterday they halted all j and j vaccines .... must not be as safe as your claiming, also, ppl on the second shot are getting much sicker then they did with the virus, all for a vaccine that doesn't stop the lord

    Not Your Average GrandmaNot Your Average GrandmaTime siden
  • One thing the "Try guys" haven't tried.. The opposite sex

    Michael MunozMichael Munoz3 timer siden
  • So that's that. Dr Fauci is our saviour ..the future is safe and secure and the meek shall inherit the inner city. For it is written.

    Charlie McTruthCharlie McTruth5 timer siden
  • Now in this situation you definitely can't assume their genders lol

    tj heytj hey7 timer siden
  • To the breaking wheel with all of them.

    T WanksteinT Wankstein10 timer siden
  • This is a joke :) Everything they do and say gets me one step closer to never get vaccine

    Bojan BozovicBojan Bozovic11 timer siden
  • The comments under this video are absolutely horrid. First of all: you think that just because you don’t agree with someone you have the right to insult nonrelated aspects of their person? Secondly: you don’t believe in science? Grow up. Take a course at a local community college or something

    Emily BEmily B14 timer siden
  • and now astrazeneca and johnson and johnson are banned coz too dangerous. These girls know nothing.

    J DJ D19 timer siden
  • There is no sarsciv-2 vaccine. There is an EXPERIMENTAL medical device that; -Does not prevent the contraction of covid -Does not prevent the contagion of covid -Have important side effects like DEATH.

    Manu RicherManu Richer20 timer siden
  • China was able to do this because Dr. Anthony Fauci’s NIAID provided the money to do so! The NIH research consisted of two parts. The first part began in 2014 and involved surveillance of bat coronaviruses, and had a budget of $3.7 million. The program funded Shi Zheng-Li, a virologist at the Wuhan lab, and other researchers to investigate and catalogue bat coronaviruses in the wild. This part of the project was completed in 2019. A second phase of the project, beginning that year, included additional surveillance work but also gain-of-function research for the purpose of understanding how bat coronaviruses could mutate to attack humans. The project was run by EcoHealth Alliance, a non-profit research group, under the direction of President Peter Daszak, an expert on disease ecology. NIH canceled the project just this past Friday, April 24th, Politico reported. Daszak did not immediately respond to requests for interview.

    Soapy SmithSoapy Smith23 timer siden
  • Only in america that people get there info from these fools with fauci being the biggest. He loves the camera so much he should have been a bad actor. They act like he's the best in the world at this job. He was 1 student who graduated at the top of his class 40 years ago at 1 college.

    Elijah StillsonElijah StillsonDag siden
  • Why are these comments so toxic?????

    Jenny M.Jenny M.Dag siden

    Joshua DaleJoshua DaleDag siden
  • So @2.14 that's not exactly what Dr Gates said, but its funny now that clip has since disappeared.

    melbman43melbman43Dag siden

    Daniel LawrenceDaniel LawrenceDag siden
  • Why didn't you ask him IF PEOPLE ALREADY HAVE HAD IT. WHY WOULD YOU GET VACCINATED ???????????

    Ginger MarshallGinger MarshallDag siden
  • Do you know that 10% of people will die from the VACCINE.

    Ginger MarshallGinger MarshallDag siden
  • The thumbnail alone is cringe

    Qaiser LatifQaiser LatifDag siden
  • This video makes me hope covid eradicates mankind completely.

    trainwreck2k2trainwreck2k22 dager siden
  • All paid to lie.

    Rob VarleyRob Varley2 dager siden
  • Idk why the comments are filled with the most fragile masculinity I've ever seen but keep doing your thing lmao 🙏 love your content! and pay no attention to these kids

    Angela SAngela S2 dager siden
  • FLIP FLOP FAUCI, a doctor. And I've been to the moon, twice

    Smoothly RoughSmoothly Rough2 dager siden
  • Sheeps all sheeps and soy Boyz

    The Cyber PoliceThe Cyber Police2 dager siden
  • The comment section didn’t pass the vibe check. Y’all so salty. If yo don’t believe science please get tf out thank u.

    B_xyo _B_xyo _2 dager siden
  • I thought you all had more sense than jumping onto this propaganda bandwagon. Ugh! First Biden now this. Fauci is so wishy washy. There is so much evidence that COVID vaccines are one big joke. People have gotten COVID even after getting both shots. Of course mainstream media won't tell you this. And neither will the doctors that are supporting this. Woo hoo USA is gonna be socialist/communist at the rate we are going here. That's a topic for another day...

    Lily MarieLily Marie2 dager siden
  • Lies that's why ppl are dieting from blood clots in the brain ..great job!!

    CoRONA tHE ViRUSCoRONA tHE ViRUS2 dager siden
  • What about all the bold face lies? This is human farming

    Sean McLeanSean McLean2 dager siden
  • Can you say cult of personality?

    Sean McLeanSean McLean2 dager siden
  • Y'all my coworker they take vaccines they feel sick some of them they have red eyes they fall down still they not come back to work

    La jecley CaliLa jecley Cali2 dager siden
  • Some people are allergic to flu vaccines, tetanus and all manner of vaccines. Speak about that!

    savana georgia muddypawssavana georgia muddypaws2 dager siden
  • Noticing how most comments are more worried about the femininity of these men then the facts concerning the covid vaccine makes you realize how stupid America actually is.

    Bryan AragonBryan Aragon3 dager siden
  • These guys have the lowest testosterone I’ve ever seen.

    King LizardKing Lizard3 dager siden
  • When NOcds has a Covid19 Vaccine category you know something ain't right..smh

    Armando De La CruzArmando De La Cruz3 dager siden
  • What's with the dislikes?

    Fahrizal NugrahaFahrizal Nugraha3 dager siden
  • Ahh yes yt faking likes on a video again

    Dawid SteenkampDawid Steenkamp3 dager siden
  • By comparison, these guys make Dr. Fauci look like General Douglas MacArthur.

    J BarnesJ Barnes3 dager siden
  • Scary that this video got that many likes (I highly doubt it. NOcds has been pumping up the likes for crap like this including the Biden white house vids for weeks now ever since those videos got destroyed by dislike ratios) Glad to see at least there are 22k downvotes for this complete and utter brainwashing BS. RATIO this bish!

    Dr Gregory House MDDr Gregory House MD3 dager siden
  • Fauci worked for the wuhan lab. Why is he never asked about it

    Marco GonzalezMarco Gonzalez3 dager siden
  • Eventually it's going to come out that the common cold/flu won't go extinct this week.

    Joel BondurantJoel Bondurant3 dager siden
  • herd ....key word herd immunity for the sheep

    Kha Jhiggz merrittKha Jhiggz merritt3 dager siden
  • flip fauci

    Kha Jhiggz merrittKha Jhiggz merritt3 dager siden
  • How much did you guys make for this? Including side deals?

    RabbiRabbi4 dager siden
  • These are not guys they are women.

    ATITKDATITKD4 dager siden
  • So is no one going to talk about the fact that if and when you get the vaccine, YOU CAN STILL GET IT AND SPREAD IT TO OTHERS!?! Yes it will make it less noticeable that you have it because it will "protect you" but that's the problem! If there are no symptoms and you're sick YOU WILL GIVE IT TO OTHERS!

    Karissa DelgadoKarissa Delgado4 dager siden
  • One year ago today (April 9th, 2020), Dr Fauci expressed a "glimmer of hope" that, after manipulating the models experts predicted we would only have 60,000 deaths from COVID-19 during the Pandemic. Not the 100,000 to 200,000 originally projected.

    Makai MaukaMakai Mauka4 dager siden
  • Google “Tanzania President Covid-19 test” for real info. (He disappeared before reappearing dead due to a Heart Attack after speaking and exposing the False Covid-19 test that came back positive after testing a sample of DNA from a Fruit, Goat & Quail)

    Taevon GarnerTaevon Garner4 dager siden
  • Paused the Video immediately, TryGuys “CANCELED & BLOCKED”.. None of the DNA Experimental Shots are FDA approved nor EPA approved for medical use to prevent, TREAT or Cure COVID19. Fauci proved his Vaccine plot to be a Failure when he stated before the Creation and dispersement of the “experimental shots” Fauci stayed the alleged vax’s will prevent you from contracting Covid-19. After the development and on the News in an interview he stated that the Vax’s won’t prevents or cure any Covid-19 cases.

    Taevon GarnerTaevon Garner4 dager siden
  • Cute lil interview, lapdoggies

    Keef WardKeef Ward5 dager siden
    • Are u scared of a vaccine?

      B_xyo _B_xyo _2 dager siden
  • This man is a Fraud! You've been brainwashed by the television PROGRAMMING. There is no vaccine, it's an experimental gene therapy injection. Wake Up People!!

    TK 2112TK 21125 dager siden
    • Evidence?

      MaximilianMusMaximilianMus3 dager siden
  • Dont take the vaccine, fight for your rights, love thy neighbor.

    Christian TChristian T5 dager siden
  • Ned

    Christian CarneiroChristian Carneiro5 dager siden
  • I honestly just want to beat everyone in this video up just for the way they act YOUR MEN act like it

    MI6MI65 dager siden
  • LOL Look at this lmaooooooooooooooo

    FGC PEAKFGC PEAK5 dager siden
  • What happened to men?

    DRNDRN6 dager siden
    • i don't know

      2v_5r2v_5r5 dager siden
  • These four individuals did not go through puberty, puberty went right through them and never stopped to take affect

    Michael WolffMichael Wolff6 dager siden
  • He’s diagnosing all of you with mental diseases you know.

    wheelzwheelawheelzwheela6 dager siden
  • Looking at the comments and then looking at the like/dislike ratio confirms that they inflate their likes

    ᅮ ᅢ ᅵ ᄃ 두 ᅢ ᅵ ᄃ ᄃ6 dager siden
  • Gay

    ChaseChase6 dager siden
  • If you add all their testosterone levels together, you'll have the same number found in Joe Rogan's toenail clippings

    Jonathan KolbinskyJonathan Kolbinsky6 dager siden
  • The vaccine is not like a traditional vaccine. It's an mRNA

    Jonathan KolbinskyJonathan Kolbinsky6 dager siden
  • So much propaganda to convince us it's safe , something is not right

    Coach ChrisCoach Chris6 dager siden
  • These guys are about as SOY as you can get. No wonder people think white people are lame.

    djshortsleevedjshortsleeve6 dager siden
  • Pretty obvious youtube is trying to de ratio this video lol

    SpekkioSpekkio7 dager siden
  • the amount of people in this comment section who think they aren’t men just because they believe in science is ridiculous 💀

    Kaya TimeKaya Time7 dager siden
  • This is Gross. Fauci is a criminal. Think for yourself people.

    D VD V7 dager siden
  • The comments definitely don’t match the like/dislike ratio. Good.

    Keep Texas RedKeep Texas Red7 dager siden
  • WHY LITTLE BOYS WANT TO BE GIRLS.....BECAUSE THEY ARE! WI-38 is the cell line from a FEMALE aborted fetus, used to cultivate viruses used in vaccines. When you inject the DNA from a FEMALE (carrying two X chromosomes) into a MALE (who already carries one X chromosome and a weaker Y chromosome) you now have an overload of the X chromosome. Now we have an onslaught of BOYS who think they should be GIRLS. Do we have male DNA in vaccines? YES! The MRC-5 is the code given to the fetal cell line also used to cultivate vaccine viral components, and it comes from a MALE aborted fetus. Do we have girls thinking they are boys? YES! Is it as prominent as boys wanting to be girls? NO! Why? Because girls have two dominant X chromosomes. When they are injected with a vaccine containing MRC-5, they aren't just getting a Y chromosome, but yet another dominant X chromosome, on top of the two they already have.

    Mr.TMr.T7 dager siden
  • Fauci isnt the source to go to if you’re truthfully looking to debunk the covid vaccination. Stick to food!

    Lynne ArnoldLynne Arnold7 dager siden
  • Try duck duck go then type in X22 Report with Dave, or and we know with LT if you want truth, if you’re a low IQ voter on the other hand and you choose to believe this smiling Demon

    Steve KirkseySteve Kirksey7 dager siden
  • Ewwww

    Ryan DevoreRyan Devore7 dager siden
  • wheres the aids vaccine if it only took this short time and we can do it now also wheres the vaccine for cancer?

    Kōrī SumisuKōrī Sumisu7 dager siden
    • Scientists have been studying and researching mRNA and the potential use of it in vaccines for decades now. These vaccines are built on decades of work. Also, Covid is way different than something like cancer, so comparing the vaccines for those two is just stupid.

      Danish KhanDanish Khan6 dager siden
  • Why are these comments so toxic? Smol pp vibes.

    Chase lindseyChase lindsey7 dager siden
    • @Chase lindsey Can't be bothered ..

      Neil HallettNeil Hallett2 dager siden
    • @Neil Hallett Are you aware how actually crazy you sound? Like you seriously sound like you’re apart of some cult that just ignores science and statistics. It’s honestly scary that people like you actively ignore facts and figures because you don’t like the reality of the situations.

      Chase lindseyChase lindsey2 dager siden
    • @Chase lindsey LOL "sensing a theme " LOL It's in your face bro. People have seen through and are sick of the bullshit, and the manipulation. And, by the way, the 66K likes for this video don't exist. More manipulation.

      Neil HallettNeil Hallett3 dager siden
    • @colby bohannan it’s funny tho coz the people who disagree are the ones shoving their opinions down everyone’s throats. I’m sensing a theme here.

      Chase lindseyChase lindsey3 dager siden
    • >these people disagree with me and are not worshipping the same science as me! >quick! Insult their penises!!!!!

      colby bohannancolby bohannan3 dager siden
  • Dr. fouchi, the man against the human face.

    Laila DavidsLaila Davids7 dager siden
  • The Bi Guys

    Hollywood GamingHollywood Gaming7 dager siden
  • Take it from a doctor in military inelegance. Dr. F is a lier and all the others that go along with him... This is political, a fight to destroy the constitution and and America as we know it...

    James LeeJames Lee7 dager siden
    • Right

      Neil HallettNeil Hallett3 dager siden
    • wrong

      Danish KhanDanish Khan6 dager siden
  • Soys buys and a criminal.

    BidenForNursingHomeBidenForNursingHome7 dager siden
    • wrong

      Danish KhanDanish Khan6 dager siden
  • These people are paid pharma advertisments. bill gates said out of his mouth that he will control population through vaccines. My sister is a victim of the garbicil(idk if that's proper spelling Google it) shots like thousands of other women damaged by it in South America no one needs this shot there are very harmful ingredients in all the shots don't hurt your babies by putting MCR 5 into them. Hippocrates says the best medicine is teaching people how not to need it. And it's the truth blame the Coca-Cola company for aspartame aka rat poison being in your sodas that's what is making people sick. And there have been studies in the 1920s about cancer and how the cells breed in low oxygen environments so the masks are gonna long term damage you as well. And there are wonderful board certified doctors who would agree, the medical masks and q tips for the pcr test are disinfected with harsh chemical called ethaline oxide also giving cancers

    Mike CherryMike Cherry8 dager siden
  • 0:27 These are supposed to be grown ass men

    BandolierBoy19BandolierBoy198 dager siden
  • SoyGuys

    Shilonious MonkShilonious Monk8 dager siden
  • I advocate for them this time.They ask Justice and they protest when their time is coming, when is their time for vaccine- Why not now? Why they should be ignored? Who are you to ignore them? Where is justice? All for all and once for all!!! Vaccine the last round must reach to the banks, International Monetary Fund, Federal Banks and Central Banks.Can be very effective if you get rid of the banks, you never know who has coronavirus if you ignore them.

    Free World2021Free World20218 dager siden
  • Common section: How many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man?

    Not Your Average JoeNot Your Average Joe8 dager siden

    Gary WendelnGary Wendeln8 dager siden
  • They act like they are all from fauci favorite San Francisco bath house.

    mike youngmike young8 dager siden
  • M-m-m, you keep'im; to MY ear, Dr Falsie sounds to be a little too fakie, . . . fakie Falsie !!

    Phillip GaleyPhillip Galey8 dager siden
  • Testosterone nowhere to be found. Pathetic and creepy fan boys

    teeceee Ninety threeteeceee Ninety three8 dager siden
  • Try Boys*

    exiled1 Gamingexiled1 Gaming9 dager siden
  • The Bi guys interview a criminal. Cool, could you please pass the soy milk?

    Ghost of the Tuskegee ExperimentsGhost of the Tuskegee Experiments9 dager siden
  • Talk about the guy in Australia that has blood clots in his brain at 44 from the vaccine. And the other that has skin shedding.

    CSM-101 T800CSM-101 T8009 dager siden
    • You know it’s rare right? But if you are to scared to get a vaccine.

      B_xyo _B_xyo _2 dager siden
  • Seems NOcds is rolling out the bots. Guess they figured everybody started to see through the lies when they saw the dislike ratio on every video. The bots are definitely here

    Henry TuttleHenry Tuttle9 dager siden
  • So long story short: Trust "US" the vaccine is safe! But even after everyone gets vaccinations, we still need to wear a permanent face mask!

    Xyu BamXyu Bam9 dager siden
  • Shame on you.

    Maureen SmithMaureen Smith9 dager siden
  • People are still smoking. They are the true Beyonce.

    DJ Maxx SaintDJ Maxx Saint9 dager siden
  • Why don’t you guys try being a real man?

    Dirty Bernie of Pismo BeachDirty Bernie of Pismo Beach9 dager siden
    • define a real man

      Kaya TimeKaya Time7 dager siden
  • Fauci fucked up the aids epidemic in the 80s too, he is making the same mistakes today

    Dejo HannDejo Hann9 dager siden
  • stay strong, refuse the mind control, you are not alone. ❤

    Eric BlairEric Blair9 dager siden
    • I feel like u read conspiracy theories

      B_xyo _B_xyo _2 dager siden
  • These guys must eat plastic and drink soy for a living...

    Eric BlairEric Blair9 dager siden
    • Eric, do you like to eat fish that get fished from the ocean?

      JeSsEJeSsE6 dager siden

    saltoftheearth 330saltoftheearth 3309 dager siden