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  • Keith blowing a kiss to me with those gorgeous big ass lips... Woooooh!! 🥵 *Fans herself* GIRL... keith, you can't DO that! You're married!!!!

    Jolly Panda M.Jolly Panda M.45 minutter siden
  • 5:54 is someone lawn mower early in the morning when I'm trying to sleep

    Nya GarnettNya Garnett3 timer siden
  • I’m so late to this video but they’re called SECRET SOCKS

    Katherine MphoKatherine Mpho4 timer siden
  • Dogs can wriggle and eat peanut butter 😂 my dog was a monster and she was only a 3lb Chihuahua

    Tee leSynclairTee leSynclair6 timer siden
  • The rubix cube works but that isn’t the combination.

    Emilia BryceEmilia Bryce14 timer siden
  • I've been doing that wings trick for years. YEARS!! It works, you just have to remove the cartilage that's holding the two bones first.

    Fuck you Youtube and GoogleFuck you Youtube and Google19 timer siden
  • Appreciate the fact that both Ned and Keith had the blue doritos instead of the red ones--Cool Ranch ftw!!!

    a dua duDag siden
  • I appreciate Keith wearing the AOC shirt. Despite him likely having a higher income/wealth than most of the audience he still advocates for higher taxes for the wealthy. Hopefully we can get m4a passed someday

    Dec JacksonDec JacksonDag siden
  • One of those metal head massagers is cheaper than a wire whisk....why does this hack exist??? lol

    MykkiMykkiDag siden
  • The chicken hack works if you bite both ends of the wing off and push the meat up a bit until you can grab the bone. Then just put the whole thing in your mouth and just pull the bones out

    Nhi NguyenNhi Nguyen2 dager siden
  • Has Keith started blowing kisses because he got Jin in the BTS quiz and Jin always blows kisses?

    LupinLupin2 dager siden
  • The rubies cube thing only works if you start from a solved cube so the person in the vid probably just started recording halfway through the process so it looked like they were starting from a messed up cube.

    Caitlyn MCaitlyn M2 dager siden
  • About the Rubik's cube one,if you ask ANY solver they will instantly tell you its fake

    I am S.JI am S.J3 dager siden
  • Did anyone else think in the first 10 seconds “who the f is that guy”

    Tanica DangTanica Dang3 dager siden
  • Why peel apples?

    Віка Г.Віка Г.3 dager siden
  • The wings one is real haha

    newa mcleodnewa mcleod3 dager siden
  • can we talk abt how zach said "come eat it off daddy's head" oh boy

    Alison ZhangAlison Zhang3 dager siden
  • Alfred has a big head kind of reminds me of an actual tiger very masculine not in a bad way btw lol

    Anna ArcherAnna Archer4 dager siden
  • ah yes "I cant do it" = its a fail

    Tyler CampbellTyler Campbell4 dager siden
  • Jonathan lookin like a hemsworth for 5 sec!!!

    Emmie DarylEmmie Daryl5 dager siden
  • Sam's make-up! 😍 We need a video where Sam gives us makeup tutorials. 🥰

    Miss_FluteyMiss_Flutey5 dager siden
  • Ned

    Christian CarneiroChristian Carneiro5 dager siden
  • loved loved loved seeing the crew!

    🌟🌟5 dager siden
  • Is it jsut me who forgets taht some people peel their apples? Even when they're not being used for cooking? Like...just for eating

    Kayleigh LongdonKayleigh Longdon5 dager siden
  • What about try guys try learning Spanish with HSA? We would love to partner with you!

    Spanish Academy TVSpanish Academy TV5 dager siden
  • Bro you can buy one of those head scratchers for like $5 😭 who would go out of their way to rip apart a whisk and hot glue little dots onto it

    Elena SeigelElena Seigel5 dager siden
  • Sam looks like a less weird billy corigan

    Laura MetcalfLaura Metcalf6 dager siden
  • It’s pretty fashion

    Tyson BormanTyson Borman6 dager siden
  • I love the try guys company is incorporating soo many different ppl and talents. Not just the 4 original guys

    Jennifer AmadorJennifer Amador6 dager siden
  • Why would you eat a habenero

    Zyonna MitchellZyonna Mitchell6 dager siden
  • Wes in school: my dads a tryguy Kids: what does he do? Wes: he uhh....tries....stuff👀

    Jane KohhJane Kohh6 dager siden
  • My sister's dog Frisbee is Bowie's twin (I think just by appearance not by blood) and he also hates getting his undercoat brushed out

    MochE4272MochE42726 dager siden
  • Alfred made me laugh out loud

    Morgan DaleyMorgan Daley6 dager siden
  • Yo, can we talk about how smooth and quick Zach rotated those cubes??

    KazutoificationKazutoification6 dager siden
  • Why is no one talking about Keith's shirt??

    Annika RussellAnnika Russell6 dager siden
  • sam's little "wee!" at 7:04 had me in stitches 😂😂 so cute

    FinnFinn6 dager siden
  • 0:43 that is the most perfect apple

    Gray idkGray idk7 dager siden
  • Keith's shirt is underappreciated in this comment section

    Non-Binary NovelsNon-Binary Novels7 dager siden
    • Yesss! I was looking for this.

      Isabella KofskyIsabella Kofsky4 dager siden
    • I was looking for this comment

      Holly WHolly W6 dager siden
  • Keith; ow ow ow Also Keith; *stays completely still and just leaves it on his head for a minute, contemplating his life and how he got to the point of breaking a whisk with pliers and putting hot glue on it to massage his head*

    Non-Binary NovelsNon-Binary Novels7 dager siden
  • The rubik's cube one is supposed to be from solved, it's a trick to make it look like you know how to solve it

    Matt HildrethMatt Hildreth7 dager siden
  • The truthful red anteriorly own because cherry anecdotally cheer minus a infamous pyramid. learned, tall meal

    Alena BichlerováAlena Bichlerová8 dager siden
  • Where is Bean, Ned’s dog???? Where is he? Is he ok??

    scareglarescareglare8 dager siden
  • But where did eugene get his cool slip ons!?

    ZombieGuhLZombieGuhL8 dager siden
  • the wing thing is true, ya just need practice.

    DeathAngelDeathAngel8 dager siden
  • that's not a "hack" that's just a normal method for making quesadillas.

    DeathAngelDeathAngel8 dager siden
  • There’s too much water in all their water bottles

    krysa boycekrysa boyce8 dager siden
  • A better way for the wings, personally, is to break them in half, and just eat them individually. Clean bones 🦴

    Kit HolmesKit Holmes8 dager siden
  • The erratic beet laparoscopically reflect because cooking densply employ amidst a laughable balloon. troubled, uninterested colon

    Isabela MariahIsabela Mariah9 dager siden
  • Be careful with using certain peanut butters. Some brands use sweeteners that can be toxic to dogs.

    SaspharussSaspharuss9 dager siden
  • Putting Jonathan as the Patreon bonus is honestly the strongest incentive there could be

    Fang Jiunn EweFang Jiunn Ewe9 dager siden
  • TipTok or TrickTok

    AnnayaAnnaya9 dager siden
  • Or you just smear peanut butter on a glass door and let the dog lick that lmao

    Clenato tClenato t9 dager siden
  • the rubix cube one does work it just takes some time

    Kayla Bautista CruzKayla Bautista Cruz10 dager siden
  • eat my head! LOL

    marianne moonmarianne moon10 dager siden
  • I think one of my favorite parts of all of these home-shot videos is the idea that Maggie is off at work doing nurse things, and Zach is left at home alone cooking things, making soap monsters, using power tools to peel apples, taping peanut butter to his head...

    NikkiNikki10 dager siden
  • that sunk cost fallacy hit hard

    kitten kitsunekitten kitsune10 dager siden
  • Hey Keith, where did you get your coffee table from? Anyone know at all?

    vrtsvrts10 dager siden
  • Guys your getting too many ads:(

    TafkaprincessTafkaprincess10 dager siden
  • As someone who use's the wings hack all the time, it honestly depends on the wing. Defininitely try it a few times, it does work and its pretty easy once you get the hang of it!

    Cristiana StanCristiana Stan11 dager siden
  • can we just appreciate kieths aoc shirt

    Whitney GriffithWhitney Griffith11 dager siden
  • i do the wing thing all the time, works perfectly for me

    Isabella MariaIsabella Maria11 dager siden
  • I wouldn’t say the stretching to grow an inch was a legit hack. You’re tallest in the morning and shortest at night due to your spine compressing over the course of a day. So the hack is just helping you decompress your spine to give the illusion that you’ve grown taller

    Jordan DarlingJordan Darling11 dager siden
  • The rubix cube would never work the bottom corner is never moving, it's impossible with that technique

    Sheree ASheree A11 dager siden
  • That peanut butter trick is a great way to get bit in the face by a dog that doesn't like their nails done- from a dog groomer of over a decade... it's a bad idea.

    SammiLee DavisSammiLee Davis11 dager siden
  • The Rubik’s cube one is true if you start with a solved cube and that’s the only type of move you do, it’s usually used as a party trick or to test cubes for corner cutting

    zeus Rulezzeus Rulez12 dager siden
  • The Rubik’s cube trick does actually work but the video was missing a step you turn the top clockwise then push the edge forward then rotate the top counter clockwise and push the edge backwards and repeat that until it solves

    Ever JamesEver James12 dager siden
  • Keith's shirt is chef's kiss

    Ky Was_HereKy Was_Here12 dager siden
  • Every person who watches good mukbang channels already knew that chicken hack one ;-;

    jiajia13 dager siden
  • For the boneless chicken wing hack that actually works... Break the bones in apart (but do not separate) then stick the whole thing in your mouth, sideways (the separated bones toward you), then bite down and pull it out!

    Jelleybean18Jelleybean1813 dager siden
  • My cats did the same thing as Alfred xD

    Jelleybean18Jelleybean1813 dager siden
  • Keith wearing an AOC shirt. Yessssss!!!!

    Kelvyn Palacios PerezKelvyn Palacios Perez13 dager siden
  • Yeah.... hot glue doesn’t stick to metal :( sorry Keith

    Jelleybean18Jelleybean1813 dager siden
  • Ned had a good idea to do that apple drill bull outside xD

    Jelleybean18Jelleybean1813 dager siden
  • for the Rubix cube to work you start with it solved

    hawwa abowathhawwa abowath13 dager siden
  • Not gonna lie, but Bowie giving Zach kisses while he was doing stretches was so cute 🥺

    XT_GamesXT_Games13 dager siden
  • Didn't they do the chicken wing trick when they were still in buzzfeed? It worked then. Lol

    Sabel RoseSabel Rose13 dager siden
  • The wing hack actually works

    Shoronya Zaman GalpoShoronya Zaman Galpo13 dager siden
  • It's funny how they're giving their dogs head

    ACE DodoACE Dodo13 dager siden
  • I don't think the undies to sport bra hack works. There's no way there's any support. No sane person would wear that in public..

    Yvaine WONG [08U11]Yvaine WONG [08U11]13 dager siden
  • “Eat my head” will be my yearbook quote thanks Zach

    NazzNazz13 dager siden
  • Why would you use carmex chapstick?. Does it now burn ur skin like it does ur lips?

    MeganMegan13 dager siden
  • Does anyone know where Eugene’s shoes in the sock TikTok are from?

    Maya LizabethMaya Lizabeth13 dager siden
  • I'm wondering if the type of chapstick is a factor? Maybe mint varieties are more effective?

    Sarah KaplingerSarah Kaplinger13 dager siden
  • The wing one actually does work a lot of the time, it’s just some wings r a little harder. However it’s not a tik tok thing it’s been known for a while

    Elias JonesElias Jones14 dager siden

    Adriana ŽilováAdriana Žilová14 dager siden
  • Can we get try guys take personality tests? (Myers Briggs, enneagram etc.)

    Kajsa HagenKajsa Hagen14 dager siden
  • You should make a T-shirt that says “Ned loves bad ideas” so people can wear it and their friends can be very confused

    Megan FoxMegan Fox14 dager siden

    Syd C.Syd C.14 dager siden
  • The wing “hack” works, but if the meat isn’t tender enough to slide off the bone, it’ll come apart with meat still attached.

    Heather AndresenHeather Andresen14 dager siden
  • I think ...chapstick wasn't correct. It was Carmex, and other kinds might not work. Control group guys!

    ayyXmomoayyXmomo14 dager siden
  • Takis just aren't spicy anyways

    RajaRaja14 dager siden
  • Where's bean?

    RajaRaja14 dager siden
  • Zach with the intro to Econ and sunk costs

    Hannah MHannah M14 dager siden
  • Zach like lowkey sometimes reminds me of Spencer Reid

    Madeline ThomsonMadeline Thomson14 dager siden
  • Anyone else impressed by Zach's Rubik's cube skills?

    Jenaye MoffattJenaye Moffatt14 dager siden
  • Ive actually tried the chicken one and it works....

    Katilin YoungKatilin Young14 dager siden
  • Try guys? More like soy boys.

    rfreinerrfreiner15 dager siden
  • Every video I’m just amazed out how Eugene can do everything so perfectly

    ECShinesECShines15 dager siden
  • House tour, keith?

    Elvy G. SoltauElvy G. Soltau15 dager siden
  • can we have an episode dedicated to eugene and his boyfriend matt...

    ANIKA JHAANIKA JHA15 dager siden