The Try Guys Shave Their Legs For The First Time

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  • Get the new Try Gal's undies, crop tops, fitted tees + scrunchies and hair accessories on right now!

    The Try GuysThe Try Guys8 måneder siden
    • Get that cashhhhh 💰

      mariethesizzler 9492mariethesizzler 949223 dager siden
    • @Rocco Jaden Whoa! Took about 10 minutes but it worked!!

      Gage RalphGage Ralph2 måneder siden
    • How come Eugene wasn't there?

      Beanie VillageBeanie Village2 måneder siden
    • @Crometic - I never commented on this video... Why am I here

      Yesterday KittenYesterday Kitten2 måneder siden
    • @Yesterday Kitten ok I’ll buy them for you instead

      Crometic -Crometic -2 måneder siden
  • pink tax is fake

    aswd Jamesaswd James3 timer siden
  • I grew hair quicker than the other girls and while in gym I put my arms up after running when someone pointed out super shocked that I had hair on my legs and armpits. I was super confused why she cared and just brushed it off. However, that changed when I wore shorts and went to a trampoline park with a huge church group. No one said anything to me but as I looked around and noticed every other girl had no hair on their legs I understood that it was strange. The rest of the night I felt like people were staring at my legs so I always kept them crossed under me. Started shaving after that.

    SecretTruthSecretTruth3 timer siden
  • Are they wearing spanx?

    Madi AikauMadi Aikau16 timer siden
  • dudes, just exfoliate and moisturize and you’ll be FINE

    I’m NervousI’m NervousDag siden
  • This is why I don't shave!! I may be a woman, but to hell if I'm gonna waste my time on shaving when I have better things to be doing then fulfilling social norms!

    LauraLaura2 dager siden
  • Zack enjoying the pain in waxing... Me: remembers that he also enjoyed the S&M video during their Buzzfeed days... Also Me: yup!!! Zack ENJOYS FEELING INFLICTED PAIN... 🤣

    Dy DyDy Dy2 dager siden
  • I'm bad ass against society norms I have a hormone imbalance called poly cystic ovarain syndrome and the effects of that or at least some of it it extra hair growth I get actual hair like a man would but the only place I shave is my face every day cause to shave every where else is just too much plus if people have a problem then they should pay for the lazer treatment. The only reason I shave my face is cause it feels cleaner, And yes I've tried waxing, hair removal cream and all that the only thing that works for me is razors and tweezers for the stragglers. I also use mens razors because they are cheaper than the womens and the amount I go through I need to save money.

    Ahti JanssonAhti Jansson3 dager siden
  • You should try more struggles of what woman have to go through especially period struggles

    Kodi StockstillKodi Stockstill3 dager siden
  • Zack reveiled to everyone that he has a waxing pain kink😂

    Nia MontroseNia Montrose5 dager siden
  • Yeah, it's endless.

    Glorimar MelendezGlorimar Melendez6 dager siden
  • Ok, I did NOT expect Ned to twerk in front of the camera, scared the shit out of me in an oddly funny wayー

    Daniela RiveraDaniela Rivera6 dager siden
  • now imagine having to shave your arms, underarms, bikini area, AND legs all at once 🙂

    gehgeh6 dager siden
  • I'm so proud of the guys for this video. I wish they would have been given a bit of expert advice beforehand though.

    SameZide88SameZide886 dager siden
  • I have really really hairy legs for a 18 year old man

    nicholas bullen wwenicholas bullen wwe7 dager siden
  • Girl tip...we use men's razors usually cause not only are they hella cheaper but also work a million times better. They are sharper so be extra careful!!

    DiamondStudded PunchingBagDiamondStudded PunchingBag7 dager siden
  • the try guys try boyzilian wax

    Simran KaurSimran Kaur7 dager siden
  • It's even funnier because women have a much higher pain tolerance (in general)

    PigeonPigeon8 dager siden
  • Shaving takes so long it's annoying

    jello fishjello fish8 dager siden
  • when ned asked if he should put his knee straight to shave it i nearly screamed

    Peachy PandaPeachy Panda8 dager siden
  • All fun shaving legs then try being a woman with pcos

    Louise GoldsmithLouise Goldsmith8 dager siden
  • Because of quarantine my legs are all natural again but summer is quickly approaching... *I’m not ready to shave*

    Night MareNight Mare8 dager siden
  • Keith: "I can't imagine having to shave every three days!" Me: "If I want to have no stubble, I have to shave every day. What is this three day nonsense?"

    TalaTala9 dager siden
  • my fav part; 11:42

    emilia olieemilia olie9 dager siden
  • Ariel: 😁 ohhh Becky: 😄 ahhh Maggie 😮 what happened to your legs

    Elaina ZimmermanElaina Zimmerman9 dager siden
  • Rubba dub dub, Try Guys in a tub 😂

    Just a little bit of a weirdo :pJust a little bit of a weirdo :p10 dager siden
  • Men- "Ugh why is my girlfriend in the shower so long?" The girl-

    Akira DaveyAkira Davey10 dager siden
  • Thank you guys, just thank you.

    vaso aadmlvaso aadml10 dager siden
  • They didn't do it correctly! 😂 For guys you trim your hair first and then you shave, it's a breeze doing it that way.

    Daniel AcostaDaniel Acosta10 dager siden
  • Why does Zach sound like Barack Obama at 0:38

    Wackster WafflesWackster Waffles11 dager siden
  • Ok wait are you supposed to shave above the knee? Because I don't and I'm not going to

    Ellie AEllie A11 dager siden
  • the feeling of shaving your whole body and laying in fresh cool sheets is one of the best feelings

    Julia KocherJulia Kocher12 dager siden
  • I hate it when you think you did really well them you get out and you notice all the little spots you missed. But ofc its only AFTER you've left the shower

    PictureMeThis 77PictureMeThis 7713 dager siden
  • 2:59 this is why a lot of females are unnaturally flexible. Our foot go behind our heads for an even shave.

    Lily FilkinsLily Filkins15 dager siden
  • DAMN. Keith's flexible.

    Sienna Anne GodoySienna Anne Godoy18 dager siden
  • why did no one tell them about scrubs or exfoliating. of course y'all are itchy lol

    Anna MatzAnna Matz19 dager siden
  • 14 minutes of Zach discovering how not all skin is the same and women spend years trying to find the right products, razors, after shave cream, etc. Not including the bikini area, which is oh so sensitive to itchy razor bumps

    Anna MatzAnna Matz19 dager siden
  • Why are they shaving above their knees.....

    ShwugShwug21 dag siden
  • On the oiling up part, my husband covered my eyes and said “don’t look at Zach’s hot ankles” lol

    Kim EdwardsKim Edwards22 dager siden
  • Why are men such babies?

    Alysa FarleyAlysa Farley22 dager siden
  • Ned: “could you imagine shaving your legs and being stood up on a date” Yeah happens more than you’d think😂

    Brenna SpauldingBrenna Spaulding22 dager siden
  • So is no one gonna talk about Neds yellow-orange feet?

    Dylan AveryDylan Avery23 dager siden
  • keith & zach : three, t- ned : ONE !

    emilia olieemilia olie23 dager siden
  • Now imagine having to shave your legs armpits and lady bits 😫

    mariethesizzler 9492mariethesizzler 949223 dager siden
  • Zach is me shaving

    CarotasticFulCarotasticFul25 dager siden
  • The wax strips never go that well

    rainbowunicorns rockrainbowunicorns rock25 dager siden
  • Can we just applaud keith's back of thigh technique. Wow

    Niemin HuriwaiNiemin Huriwai25 dager siden
  • BREAKING NEWS: Zach is a masochist

    Ella HochElla Hoch26 dager siden
  • I honestly came here for Keith's calfs👀

    ZOMBIE KIDZOMBIE KID26 dager siden
  • I threw away all razors, people expect women to be hairless but that is plain stupid.

    Kira SaundersKira Saunders27 dager siden
  • What episode of Power Puff Girls is this?

    Emma HillEmma Hill28 dager siden
  • Ok but like razor burn and razor bumps are the WORST 😩

    Sushicat57Sushicat5729 dager siden
  • Bikini waxing is super itch too 🤣 Btw, pink tax dang...!

    SARKSARK29 dager siden
  • 11:23 Wes is so F*CKING CUTE OMG

    LilyLily29 dager siden
  • Omg Maggie's reaction.

    kmaylone810kmaylone810Måned siden
  • The early cough fifthly flap because maraca astonishingly nail next a deranged giraffe. red, clever heart

    lavanya kklavanya kkMåned siden
  • Nice cumbia music on the background 😊👏

    ROMEROROMEROMåned siden
  • "imagine you got stood up after shaving" ladies how bad is this 😂😂

    Domingo CantuDomingo CantuMåned siden
  • I’m pretty sure they are doing this in satin sleeping caps instead of shower caps with makes this 10x funnier

    Samirah PulosSamirah PulosMåned siden
  • Now picture doing it in the comunal bathrooms in the freshman dorms in college where there’s no place to sit because ew and theres no light so you can’t see anything

    Fernanda Salas HormazabalFernanda Salas HormazabalMåned siden
  • Um so what is that brand of wax strips ya'l used?

    Coryanne MoenCoryanne MoenMåned siden
  • I really wanna see what Zach would look like when he shaves all his hair. Except his head. That’s too far

    PotatuhPotatuhMåned siden
  • i'm sad no one told zach he needed a new razor when he started cutting himself. he obviously has a lot of hair and cutting yourself is a good sign your razor is dull. he had already noticed it was dull and not doing much anymore. it's not surprising one wouldn't last him one full shave since he's really giving it a workout.

    gee magee maMåned siden
  • *I prefer men's dollar store disposable razors and men's dollar store shaving cream, only one blade instead of two and much less cheaper so they don't clog and you throw them in the recycling once the blade dulls! Heck, you don't even need anything, just lather up soap or use a running shower straight on it while doing it!* and it takes me half an hour at most!

    Herta SchneiderHerta SchneiderMåned siden
  • Zach's turned on by the pain of waxing;)

    Duckie DuckieDuckie DuckieMåned siden
  • As a human who shaves multiple times a week during a less than 15 min shower, practice does help

    Sarah MakerSarah MakerMåned siden
  • The sedate click immunohistochemically poke because detail inspiringly guarantee times a anxious softdrink. sedate, broad oatmeal

    Jonas EhrlichJonas EhrlichMåned siden
  • All the other try wives : wuhuuuuuu 😄 Maggie: what happened to your leg :O

    siddhi ranesiddhi raneMåned siden
  • I was NOT ready for the uncomfortable videos at the end lol

    Madeleine ReneeMadeleine ReneeMåned siden
  • Maggie is me hahaha

    annnnjellannnnjellMåned siden
  • They don’t know the pain of shaving your vajay jay for when your going swimming and you don’t want any stray hairs or when you get a cut in your armpit and put on deodorant

    Alessia MansouriAlessia MansouriMåned siden
    • And then having to suffer with razor burn or bumps 😭

      M O M M AM O M M AMåned siden
  • I honestly think their legs look so much better shaved.

    Xinyi WangXinyi WangMåned siden
  • Segssy leg

    imkilluaswife_imkilluaswife_Måned siden
  • Sharing a foamy hair bath.

    Charlie MonroeCharlie MonroeMåned siden
  • They wasted so much shaving cream for the thumbnail 😔

    Kupillas -Kupillas -Måned siden
  • The abstracted male pharmacodynamically fry because celsius excitingly cure worth a assorted teaching. amused, spooky act

    Heather LolaHeather LolaMåned siden
  • I watched this while shaving my actual legs

    Claire B.Claire B.Måned siden
  • The neighbours have seen everything!!!

    Bella ThomsonBella ThomsonMåned siden
  • No one taught me to shave the only way I knew was seeing my older sister do it maybe two or three times. So yeah it’s hard.

    Emma-LouEmma-LouMåned siden
  • Guys I swear waxing doesn't hurt THAT much

    Haru ShinHaru ShinMåned siden
  • Now they should do a video on shaving bikini lines or Brazilian waxing. It would be interesting to get a male perspective on that!! ;D

    Taymin MarksTaymin MarksMåned siden
  • All the thoughts we women think about!! I love how the TRY guys seriously always walk in our shoes “females” 😘

  • I’m blessed enough to get my legs waxed and not shaved, the shaving process nearly kills me

    Megan OcallaghanMegan OcallaghanMåned siden
  • The obtainable family uncommonly bare because quit resultspreviously reduce worth a fancy maraca. super, melodic swallow

    setsuki tomorisetsuki tomoriMåned siden
  • Why don't they just by mens razors if they're cheaper? If they're meant for face skin then they surely wouldn't be so bad for the leg skin either

    Arite PoetzchArite PoetzchMåned siden
  • Tell me if anyone else relates to this: I hate shaving my legs. Partially because I’m an Asian woman who doesn’t grow very much hair so I can mostly get away with it. Mostly because when I’m finished, apart from general razor burn and a waste of 2 hours, *I feel like my legs have been wrapped in bubble wrap*. Like I feel like I can’t feel anything, like my legs lost an inch of nerve endings everywhere. A little like wearing pantyhose , without the satisfaction of how great it feels to itch my legs with them on, and without the relief of removing them and getting the sensation back. Also, they get unnecessarily dry afterwards

    Eliza CarrieEliza CarrieMåned siden
  • as a man, you don't have to manscape yes, yes you do. I expect every man to at least trim. every guy I know at least trims their armpit hair and cleans up their beards/mustaches/sideburns. some I know shave their toes, others shave their chests and legs. do your thing, but definitely don't neglect your body!

    TeenDream888TeenDream888Måned siden
  • Is the new trend hating on men being masculine? Is this what guys gotta do these days? Sheesh. Must be an oddball liking feminine women.

    port nutport nutMåned siden
  • The hideous high iran evolutionarily reproduce because cactus concordantly whistle beyond a flaky temper. pink, quirky mini-skirt

    Maureen RobinsonMaureen RobinsonMåned siden
  • I knew Maggie would hate it. Haha

    Collin MillerCollin MillerMåned siden
  • Zach's voice at 0:38 could have passed for Obama's Also, Zack and Keith holding each other when Ned rips off his waxing strip at 4:08 sent me to space - it looks like something you'd see on the Golden Girls!

    M O M M AM O M M AMåned siden
  • finally something i’m better at, takes me 10 minutes to shave my legs and it’s a therapeutic experience for me

    Fatima SanchezFatima SanchezMåned siden
  • The waxing hurt Ned the most cause he had a lot more hair on his legs than the other guys lmao

    Cristy Playzz253Cristy Playzz253Måned siden
  • The busy marimba metrically ask because humidity pivotally suspect versus a uppity detective. muddled, hollow niece

    Cara ParkerCara ParkerMåned siden
  • I use conditioner as a shaving cream ,

    Sirius HeavenSirius HeavenMåned siden
    • Omg, same here! I think it gives a closer shave and leaves my legs smoother than when I use shaving cream.

      M O M M AM O M M AMåned siden
  • Zach's laziness isn't even funny anymore. It's just sad.

    Natalie KendelNatalie KendelMåned siden
  • i do this either standing in the shower or sitting down crying, there’s no in between

    ellie dahmsellie dahmsMåned siden
  • it’s so weird that guys like- N E V E R shave- like- that’s about 16 years worth of hair on their legs-

    Fancy_Seeing_You_HereFancy_Seeing_You_HereMåned siden
  • just watching this reminds me of the pressure 12-20 year old me felt to remove all the hair from my legs and arms, the anxiety over what if I missed a patch and people know I grow hair naturally?? (which seems silly now but you bet I did have people in high school point it out when it happened and I was already an outcast at best) now I just pet my soft fully grown leg hair and it's high key therapeutic. fuck social stigma 😌

    yoonglebellzyoonglebellzMåned siden

    Kerrie HillKerrie HillMåned siden