The Try Guys Draw Nude Self Portraits

Well I bet y'all never saw this one comin! Should we just call this the try not to blush challenge? Watch us try to paint ourselves like french girls in this special nude self-portraits episode! Here we go!
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  • Eugene should be a fucking artist god damn...i have been doing art for fun for like 5 years now and still cant draw hans right and eugenr nailed it.....GOD DAYUM

    Sahovnica25Sahovnica25Dag siden
  • i love how ariel just wears her husband’s merch

    bebobebobebobeboDag siden
  • I love how Ariel thought it was Keith

    Erica LevinsonErica LevinsonDag siden
  • the first reaction from eo maggie: why. why is this framed. becky: WHY WOULD YOU DRAW YOUR BALLSACK LIKE THAT matt: you're naked! don't look! *covers with kimbap paw*

    h .chenh .chen2 dager siden
  • Maggie & Bowie have the exact same facial expression at the reveal lol

    Katie BarkerKatie Barker2 dager siden
  • I loved Zach's, it communicated so much

    OosummsebieneoOOosummsebieneoO3 dager siden
  • zach should've included his ankles ! they're the best part !!!

    Snigdha ChaturvediSnigdha Chaturvedi3 dager siden
  • Zach has a nice body, they all do, but for some reason his really stood out to me. Maybe cuz of the way he filmed. He was just glowing

    arielariel3 dager siden
  • I like that even Bowie looked shocked

    Tegan ParishTegan Parish4 dager siden
  • Even boe was like "dad, wtf"

    MirandaMiranda4 dager siden
  • Ned

    Christian CarneiroChristian Carneiro5 dager siden
  • Why is Eugene so good at everything

    Unidud3Unidud35 dager siden
  • I love how Keith included body rolls

    Chloe BacherChloe Bacher5 dager siden
  • The poor Editor... XD

    VirusErrorVirusError6 dager siden
  • So we're not even going to discuss the topless overalls look? ok.

    Joe BlowJoe Blow6 dager siden
  • Of course Eugene would be amazing at drawing! Lol

    Heather _Heather _6 dager siden
  • "that dudes blessed"

    SaifSaif7 dager siden
  • Anyone else here from the comments video?

    Kierra JamesKierra James7 dager siden
  • If you're here from the last video it's 02:10

    dilaözendilaözen7 dager siden
  • Who else is here after the thirsty comments part 2 vid for Zach’s... you know... sound

    aa7 dager siden
  • 10:05 Zach, which head?

    holly hellholly hell7 dager siden
  • Eugene paints like a fricking Da Vinci, omg, I'm jealous for his bf

    ZackTheWolfZackTheWolf8 dager siden
  • That Keith portraits looks just like Shane.

    HoldmyleashHoldmyleash9 dager siden
  • imagine a furry porn artist doing this

    KirstenKirsten9 dager siden
  • It would be an interesting thought experiment to redo the video without the mirror. How would you draw yourself from memory? Then you can compare how you see yourself in your head vs. how you see yourself in the mirror.

    Jenni RingJenni Ring9 dager siden
  • Eugene is so talented, his portrait was absolutely beautiful

    İlkim Şenİlkim Şen10 dager siden
  • They way ya'll show self appreciation after being uncomfortable with yourself is everything. Has me teary-eyed. As someone who's struggling with body issues it's very enlightening.

    Presley KernPresley Kern11 dager siden
  • Ned's looking like he's about to start a OnlyFans live...kinda into it...

    Moira del ReyMoira del Rey12 dager siden
  • I love zack he is a good person

    Instagram StarInstagram Star12 dager siden
  • Everyone is self conscious except for Ned, cuz he was making his OnlyFans

    emo wallfloweremo wallflower13 dager siden
  • why is no one talking about how good Zach's shot is during the recordings?

    Declan NaylerDeclan Nayler13 dager siden
  • Ned we can see you in your camera!! Ned! Ned!!!

    Mace- CaseMace- Case14 dager siden
  • so lame these soy men must have negative testosterone levels.

    ReedGreenReedGreen15 dager siden
    • I bet you don't have a wife or a child like these men do

      Stormy Ray WatersStormy Ray Waters6 dager siden
  • Can we please have a plant tour of zacks place? 🥺

    Melanie StumpMelanie Stump15 dager siden
  • I love the self confidence portrayed in this video ✨

    Autumn HowardAutumn Howard16 dager siden
  • okay but like y'all are four of the hottest men I've ever seen so

    Catherine LablancCatherine Lablanc17 dager siden
  • amazing intro XD

    SweetheartSweetheart18 dager siden
  • Taking a photo and drawing it didn't come up then 😂

    Sheree ASheree A19 dager siden
  • This is making me emotional-

    Beefcakes MchunkersonBeefcakes Mchunkerson20 dager siden
  • Maggie: Why is this framed? HAHAHAAH

    Gabby CosterGabby Coster21 dag siden
  • this video sends such an important message to body positivity.. wow

    Anja AgrusowAnja Agrusow22 dager siden
  • Zach....did you just...whack ur pickle around ? I could hear it ! xD

    LizLiz23 dager siden
  • Drawing or creating based off the nude form is honestly weirdly freeing, even if it can also be kind of embarrassing sometimes. It really taught me to see a lot of different body types as beautiful, and it began me on a journey of self-love that I had never imagined would be possible or in the cards for me. I'm happy that you all really did this and took it seriously as a pursuit! "It's just my body and drawing it made me feel better about it, oddly enough."

    JaclynJaclyn23 dager siden
  • They all did a great job!! I love all of their sketches for their partners.

    Noel RobertsonNoel Robertson24 dager siden
  • I love all of your content, but this is your best video yet,

    Megan DryburghMegan Dryburgh24 dager siden
  • Zacks super hero alter ego is super dick

    Sadie LapradeSadie Laprade24 dager siden
  • i never realized that zach has more feminine hips, but as a trans guy that struggles with that, it’s really nice to see such a body positive video that shows a cis guy embracing this part of his body. it makes me feel better about my body, thanks zach :)

    Nico ConnollyNico Connolly24 dager siden
  • They're all pretty fit, gotta say.

    Michelle BrowneMichelle Browne24 dager siden
  • i cant see the video its gone

    Tess Van DuijvenbodeTess Van Duijvenbode25 dager siden
  • I really love how this is about their self love journey, more than anything, seeing how far they've come to love themselves is so amazing, gives me hope that one day I'll be able to grow as much as they did and love myself too

    Vanessa AdamVanessa Adam25 dager siden
  • 16:03 the greatest quote

    shannen cj 22shannen cj 2225 dager siden
  • Am I the only one that would buy Eugene’s art? Because it’s so beautiful and dramatic. Even if the private part was scratched out.

    Vicky G.Vicky G.25 dager siden
  • Zach’s looks like something from that film Midsommar

    Megan HannonMegan Hannon26 dager siden
  • This was oddly wholesome

    Jen HuffineJen Huffine26 dager siden
  • I like how real they get with this art. I hope they try to do more with art.

    Kalie FurrKalie Furr26 dager siden
  • Yo the try guys should do something with fat people. They have lots of insecurity around fatness and if they collabed with Kristen on some kind of Try that has to do with battling fatphobia, that would be rad as fuck

    tulleybeardtulleybeard26 dager siden
  • Ariel's words at the end were so wholesome. I applauded her.

    Michelle TubandMichelle Tuband27 dager siden
  • Is it weird that I want eugene to draw me... he’s so talented!!!

    AksAks27 dager siden
  • "Cause this is fun... i am naked!"

    Tarsila BalbimTarsila Balbim27 dager siden
  • Poignant (adj)- to evoke a keen sense of sadness or regret. Why is this how Zach described this experience lmaoooo.

    Damian AmbroseDamian Ambrose28 dager siden
  • Keith’s looked like a saucy Hank Hill 👌👏

    Katie WooKatie Woo28 dager siden
  • Keith did really well!

    MirohMiroh28 dager siden
  • I really like zacks! The colours and it looks fun

    MirohMiroh28 dager siden
  • Matt is so cute “you’re naked, don’t look” lol

    Natalie HickmanNatalie Hickman28 dager siden
  • i really need to know if this legend about zack is true

    Natalie HickmanNatalie Hickman28 dager siden
  • Zach deciding to highlight the parts of his body he ever felt insecure about made me sob and think of what I would highlight myself... Glasses, nose...

    Fátima LópezFátima López29 dager siden
  • Loved them all but dam Eugene is so talented !

    JadeJade29 dager siden
  • Ariel: "Oh is this Keith" I am on an oxygen tank pls help

    Lauren HawesLauren Hawes29 dager siden
  • The last part has me DYING

    Emily SherwoodEmily SherwoodMåned siden
  • Protect Zach at all costs!! ♥️

    imafathousecatimafathousecatMåned siden
  • Highkey, this was so beautiful.

    LarisaLarisaMåned siden
  • Zachs gave me Frida Kahlo vibes for sure!!

    _blanked __blanked _Måned siden
  • 19:00

    journey restorajourney restoraMåned siden
  • When Ariel looks at Neds drawing. Ariel: is that Keith?!

    Kiko RainbowKiko RainbowMåned siden
  • Ariel asking Ned why he didn't draw himself erect! This was a nude portrait, Madam! Not an erotic one! Though I suppose he could do one of those too. Oh, he should do a profile portrait if he does an erotic one. People are always saying he has a nice, thick butt. I actually really liked Keith's! It was really good! And he says he can't draw! Much better than I could hope to do. Eugene's was gorgeous of course! P.s. Was not aware of the slapping noise until I read some comments. Went back in the video to understand what they were talking about. ...I can't unhear that. Thank you all so, so much. 😑And to hell with my curiosity.

    Kiara AnimefanKiara AnimefanMåned siden
  • Eugenes Boyfriend is the sweetest and most constructive partner of all their partners,but Eugene's Selfportrait was the most realistic of all of their Selfportraits.

    Frau WerumFrau WerumMåned siden
  • 21:30 😂 “I’m telling my parents not to watch this video” Keith: They’re gonna watch it

    ____Måned siden
  • ❤️ ~✿~❧~🌿~❧~✿~ ❤️ This was great guys!

    LucindaLucindaMåned siden
  • ned is really drawing himself like one of his french girls

    Domi BDomi BMåned siden
  • keith’s has me crying😭 so precious and sweet

    2021-Sydney Young2021-Sydney YoungMåned siden
  • The look on Keith's face while he was drawing makes me so happy! I feel like they expected to be focused on the parts they don't like and yet drawing it made them love themselves more ❤

    Rebecca SiglinRebecca SiglinMåned siden
  • "Today the virgin guys are starving"

    matthew hmatthew hMåned siden
  • this video inspires me to draw myself like this and look at it so i can come to accept and hopefully love what’s there. i would love to be proud of how i look and see it beautifully everyday. i hope one day i’ll be able to do it someday

    Claudia ImhoffClaudia ImhoffMåned siden
  • Eugene’s drawing is amazing 💯

    Jenny Lucas-diazJenny Lucas-diazMåned siden
  • Noooooo 😂 when Zach got naked and shook his body you can hear it hit his legs 😂

    Madylin GabrielMadylin GabrielMåned siden
  • ...was I the only one who heard the slaps in 2:09 when Zach shimmied or...?

    Just Marupork ThingsJust Marupork ThingsMåned siden
  • Kept singing the Spice Girl’s song, Naked, while watching this video.

    simplicitylostsimplicitylostMåned siden
  • If you listen closely at 2:10, you can hear Zach's dick slapping back and forth.

    Papa MoostafaPapa MoostafaMåned siden
  • zach's hair looks fucking amazing I'm so happy he did that, it's taken like five years off of his looks, he went from like a 5 to an 8 👏👏👏👏

    Sadie BehrSadie BehrMåned siden
  • Not me falling in love zach during this 🖐️💀

    syd norcrosssyd norcrossMåned siden
  • My is eugenes so good wtf

    Hannah BeroHannah BeroMåned siden
  • I can just imagine YB at home editing this footage omggg lol

    Sasha WSasha WMåned siden
  • Eugene thinking he's thicc.... LOL

    e te tMåned siden
  • Why is no one talking about how good of drawers Keith and Eugene are

    Potato QueenPotato QueenMåned siden
  • And, once again, Keith is good at everything. And I love it as always

    Ave VeeAve VeeMåned siden
  • Why is no one talking about Zach wiggling and the slap slap 😂

    Becca NeelyBecca NeelyMåned siden
  • Are we not going to point out the slapping noise that Zach made at 2:14???? ✋🏻😔

    ChybutnotshyChybutnotshyMåned siden
  • Man the amount of laughter that came from me watching this video thank you try guys!

    Sahra HSahra HMåned siden
  • I love seeing people draw but I love the body positivity in this video even more. I’m gonna have to do nude portraits (not of me lol) for art school IMO I’ve always found it easier to draw feminine figures because it’s just fun to add more curves but I’ve been experimenting with masculine figures as well.

    Space DoorSpace DoorMåned siden
  • I really appreciate how the guys went about this. Yeah there were jokes (cause it's not a try guys video without one) but the fact that 4-5 years later they're more accepting and content with their bodies can hopefully help some of us look at our bodies in a more positive light. Maybe even help me...

    Kelechi ImohKelechi ImohMåned siden