The Try Guys Wear Corsets For 72 Hours

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  • Wearing a corset is not a symbol of "repression" at all! It's ACTUALLY more like telling your spine thank you and giving it a break. Not painful, just a bit restricting, at least at first. Shoutout to the women in this video who were actually very helpful and informative, even the guys still messed it up somehow (liners, lads!)? They should have done a "we seasoned a corset for a week" challenge where they wore the corset for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening every day for a week and then the last day for it for 4-6 hours at a time.

    ohifonlyx33ohifonlyx333 dager siden
  • Bruh if Eugene wasn’t gay the amount of ladies coming at him rn would be CRAZY

    sophie bokharisophie bokhari3 dager siden
  • Okay, y’all can say “Eugene looks sooo hot in a corset!” But you forgot that... He always fucking looks hot

    Unicornbella MUnicornbella M3 dager siden
  • Every time I saw Eugene I was like oh my god that waste

    Keona EiseleKeona Eisele4 dager siden
  • Corsets look like they hurt lol

    Fre'yonni.LFre'yonni.L4 dager siden
  • no one is talking bout how gorgeous she is???

    Brianna McLeanBrianna McLean4 dager siden
  • You can wear stuff over a corset, but wear something like a t-shirt underneath.

    Rose TurtliniRose Turtlini6 dager siden
  • I came only for the reference to Hamilton

    Brenno KrigerBrenno Kriger6 dager siden
  • The blonde lady was so high

    M MM M7 dager siden

    saiki kusuo • 8 years agosaiki kusuo • 8 years ago8 dager siden
  • 14:28 omg it's matt

    Cris CCris C8 dager siden
  • Anyone else thinking about the fact that they committed the sin of wearing corsets on bear skin.

    Laurel TraegerLaurel Traeger10 dager siden
  • Nowimaginethiswithboobs

  • 14:27 MAAAATT! I love that we are getting to know him now, he's a sweetheart

    gabiluch87gabiluch8710 dager siden
  • the tryler misters

    Ivy_GregoryIvy_Gregory11 dager siden
  • Hiiiii

    •Bërñådëtte•Jöyçē• Møñtāñõ••Bërñådëtte•Jöyçē• Møñtāñõ•11 dager siden
  • “I dont feel like a beautiful french woman” lmao Ned is so funny

    justhumanjusthuman11 dager siden

    Hardly KatieHardly Katie12 dager siden
  • “So, if we want attention, we should feint?” That got me laughing so hard

    Father MotherFather Mother12 dager siden
  • When they’re putting on the corsets they sound like they’re giving birth lol

    Grace BairdGrace Baird13 dager siden
  • Tryler Brothers LOL

    Kari LinnKari Linn13 dager siden
  • Theatre geeks will find Keith’s Pillowman joke VERY funny. 😂

    Keira RobertsKeira Roberts13 dager siden
  • lizzy from black butler: TIGHTER, TIGHTER

    Junko EnoshimaJunko Enoshima13 dager siden
  • Wow it’s weird how there not complaining that much about it like how other people do *cough* girls *cough*

    Irma CastroIrma Castro14 dager siden
  • i love eugene- hes theh best

    Sunny AnimatesSunny Animates14 dager siden
  • "I don't know how it's still around" Me: "THE POWA OF YA FICTION!!! >:3

    Abisnail :3Abisnail :315 dager siden
  • 16:15 This looks familiar- *Thinks of that one meme*

    ¡Freak show!¡Freak show!15 dager siden
  • Curb your corset stereotype.

    Daniel AwesomeDaniel Awesome15 dager siden
    • Love that video so much

      Abbie FAbbie F11 dager siden
  • Eugene is legit just rocking that corset ngl lmaoo:)

    Kayana JosephKayana Joseph16 dager siden
  • I was crying out of laughter:)

    Kayana JosephKayana Joseph16 dager siden
  • this is my first vid of yalls, but the schylar sisters refrence is enough for me. thank you my new fav yourtubers ;)

    Elizabeth DobeckaElizabeth Dobecka17 dager siden
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣I couldn't stop laughing when they walked like model with corset..

    Anitram 1334Anitram 133417 dager siden
  • Keith wanted the smallest and he got the largest😂

    blake kollmanblake kollman18 dager siden
  • My new favorite game to play with Try Guy videos "spot the Matt before we knew his name"

    AlwaysHelenAlwaysHelen18 dager siden

    Dominik RouseDominik Rouse20 dager siden
  • They way they did "Angelica, Eliza, And Peggy!" Perfect

    Audrina MarshallAudrina Marshall21 dag siden
  • I wonder if NOcdsr Bernadette Banner has ever stumbled across this video.

    Ginger M00nGinger M00n21 dag siden
  • Did nobody tell them that these myths about corsets are not true and that they should NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES wear it on bare skin 😂😂😂?

    John StefanisJohn Stefanis21 dag siden
  • corsets are popular in goth & alternative subculture!!!

    Emily NoirEmily Noir21 dag siden

    KIRA ChannelKIRA Channel22 dager siden
  • I have a coreset

    h_o_n_kh_o_n_k22 dager siden
  • just a note for anyone who doesnt know- corsets arent dangerous unless you MAKE them dangerous! tying them too tight can cause pain and discomfort, but otherwise they are actually perfectly fine.

  • AS soon a Keith put that on his bare skin, I sucked in a breath and said *Oh no no no no Keith*!

    Talia FeldmanTalia Feldman23 dager siden
  • anyone catch a secret matt in the back uncinching eugene?

    Kamja1199Kamja119923 dager siden
  • "It's water just drink it" HAHA

    Charity •Charity •24 dager siden
  • catch at 14:27 Matt is there, omg and we never knew !!

    Georgia PeltoGeorgia Pelto24 dager siden

    CurlsborealisCurlsborealis24 dager siden
  • Angelica Eliza and hxbd Peggy

    デクDekuデクDeku24 dager siden
  • my sister used to wear corsets and it broke her rib

    gabriel Beltrangabriel Beltran25 dager siden
  • i have a feeling.... Penelope Garcia probably has a couple corsets just for fun

    squidget 283squidget 28325 dager siden
  • I need Euguene as a stylist

    Harjot KaurHarjot Kaur26 dager siden
  • I'm update at how no day people give corsets a bad rep, Even though their pretty nice.

    Twin MirrorTwin Mirror26 dager siden
  • Who else has a crush on Eugene?

    Emma winestoneEmma winestone27 dager siden
  • Why is no one. talking about how small the owner's waist is?

    Kaye A.Kaye A.28 dager siden
  • tight lacing was fun for the video, but the lady doing it annoyed the hell out of me

    Julia StanleyJulia Stanley29 dager siden
  • Not the Hamilton refrence

    EE29 dager siden
  • 14:28 Matt!

    AyblablablaAyblablabla29 dager siden
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    Scifer- TFTScifer- TFTMåned siden
  • This challenge is going to damage because of not the corset itself but because you need time to break in the corset you can't just wear it 24/7 the moment you get it

    Krissy likes BleachKrissy likes BleachMåned siden
  • 9:04 No, wear clothes under the corset and over it so it looks better to you. Wearing it on bare skin is how people started pointing fingers at corsets being evil bone crushing torture devices and can leave marks. Please do not do that

    Krissy likes BleachKrissy likes BleachMåned siden
  • a wild Matt has been spotted love that he was featured multiple times and said something and we just has nooo idea

    Cyclonado ThunderclawCyclonado ThunderclawMåned siden
  • Bruh this isn’t what actual corsets fit like, look like, or wear like. These guys should buy some real corsets instead of joining the herd of corset bad. Watch literally one video by Karolina Zebrowska.

    Liakas _1728Liakas _1728Måned siden
  • Anyone else watching this in 2021 and just realized we saw a peak of Matt in Eugenes pride section?

    Eliza CarrieEliza CarrieMåned siden
  • Was it really necessary for them to tie it THAT tight...?

    Tiffany RichardTiffany RichardMåned siden
  • So no one's gonna talk about their voices when they tried the Schuyler sisters intro?

    Marcia TweneboahMarcia TweneboahMåned siden
  • Watching wearing my corset

    KillahKurlzKillahKurlzMåned siden
  • My favourite line from the video : "its water just drink or ".

    Gatha JainGatha JainMåned siden
  • Why is no one talking about 6:37 XD I'm crying

    Sleepy RedSleepy RedMåned siden

    CrazyCatLadyCrazyCatLadyMåned siden
  • EUGENE HAS NO BUSINESS BEING THAT PRETTYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    honeyluvhoneyluvMåned siden
  • At the end of the video, Hamilton fans go crazy.

    Camryn PatrizioCamryn PatrizioMåned siden
  • The obsolete harp enzymatically burn because event unsurprisingly groan within a demonic stream. guarded, giant lion

    Jonas EhrlichJonas EhrlichMåned siden
  • Let’s just admit that Eugene looks good in everything 😀

    Silbur WootSilbur WootMåned siden
  • Watching this post Eugene's coming out, it is amusing to see him at Pride. Because at the time he was just a really strong ally, but now we know.....

    Rachel RoseRachel RoseMåned siden
  • Eugene-

    • Samirichu •• Samirichu •Måned siden
  • Corsets at pride may possibly be my new favorite thing, imma try it sometime.

    Kaden MajarrezKaden MajarrezMåned siden
  • here at the trend "no one wants a waist over, 9 inches"

    kukubuggykukubuggyMåned siden
  • why does Ned look like a child

    Kaileigh RobyKaileigh RobyMåned siden
  • "no one wants a waist over, nine inches"

    _-' Sky RISE '-__-' Sky RISE '-_Måned siden
  • French lady would be a stays and you do not want to wear those (they have way more bones and went over the hips and higher up the chest then what you guys have on rn) They aren’t bad or painful, just the fact that apparently you guys can’t breathe in something women did their work in every day nods towards the fact that you shouldn’t wear them personally for too long

    Be_ Careful_shes_dumbBe_ Careful_shes_dumbMåned siden
  • I could swear the ladies at the corset shop said something about not wearing a corset on your bare skin. So why is that being done? 9:00 You should not do this. Do not copy this. You can hide a corset beneath your clothing, but wear it over an undershirt of some kind. Undershirt -> corset -> outer shirt.

    Luna StarLuna StarMåned siden
  • Neds looks she didn’t even tighten it! OMG 😂

    Mia NekicMia NekicMåned siden
  • I like the photo bomb of Keith in 1:10 That would be me most of the time in pictures.

    ShyMoonRyder _16ShyMoonRyder _16Måned siden
  • "Ned... that's our table." 🥺

    TheOneAndOnlyDrowlf81TheOneAndOnlyDrowlf81Måned siden
  • @ 13:49 OMFG Eugene !!!!

    Pretty PrettyPretty PrettyMåned siden
  • The uneven pea unlikely untidy because freon scilly provide onto a sad paste. naive, premium sweatshirt

    Cassie BingerCassie BingerMåned siden
  • where did they get their corsets from?

    isa the dinoisa the dinoMåned siden
  • The one thing I will say about this is, if you guys ever do wear the corsets again, I would suggest wearing them over clothes and also don't take them off just by unhooking the front panel. You wanna first loosen it from the strings in the back, then unhook the front panel. This is because just unhooking the front panel is a lot harder to do without loosening it first, it can hurt the corset and make it wear out faster, and it can also put a lot of pressure on your back when you try to press in the front to unhook it (because you have to press in one side to unhook it from the other side). In short, if you're laced in a bit too tight, or you had something to eat and you did this you run the risk of making yourself faint, bruising yourself where the panel hits your skin, or just generally hurting yourself. It's not likely that you'll hurt yourself if you do this, but if this becomes a habit and the way you take off a corset and you do it a lot it could eventually hurt you. It's like picking running your hand over the edge of a piece of paper - you may not always get a paper cut, but why risk it? That's my little PSA to anyone considering putting on and taking off corsets. I just saw Keith take off the corset that way (at least I think that's the way he removed the corset) to burp in the video and I thought I'd better make this little comment just in case someone sees it and it helps them. Also, the not wearing corsets on bare skin thing is because they could dig into the skin and potentially hurt you if they're just on your bare skin. Another problem of wearing corsets on bare skin is that when you move, the corset will not move with you. It's very structured, so instead of the corset moving with you it's more like you move within the corset. So you could basically get something similar to a rug burn, where the corset could rub against your skin enough times or hard enough to very lightly damage your skin if you wear a corset on bare skin. Sometimes it's worth the risk for a fashion choice, but just be aware of that risk and make the decision you feel is best for yourself. Historically, women wore chemises under their corsets, but for modern day use I would recommend either a slip dress for if you're gonna wear a dress or skirt overtop, or a tank top or T-shirt made of light breathable material such as cotton. I'm gonna stop now before I fill up an entire page worth of text. 😂 Love this video!

    LexiLexiMåned siden
  • I just wanna say that I love how you acknowledged in the first part of the video that you weren't doing it the normal, proper way and that usually it takes a lot of time to go down that far in inches on the waist, and how you went to an actual professional to talk about it and lace up the corsets for the first time. That's so vital to note, and I really appreciate you guys taking the time to explain that you're not trying to comment on whether all corsets are comfortable or not comfortable, because many videos on youtube are of people wearing ill-fitting corsets that are far too small for them, lacing them up improperly, and then talking about how uncomfortable corsets are and about how great it is that they're no longer the fashion norm. Those types of videos spread lots of misinformation, and I love that you guys put in the time and research to not make those same, very common mistakes. Thanks for making this fun, very well-researched and well-made video, I really appreciate it and I love this video!

    LexiLexiMåned siden
  • 14:28 Matt spotted

    em ́em ́Måned siden
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    Amanda TanAmanda TanMåned siden
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    Jonas EhrlichJonas EhrlichMåned siden
  • Ned was acting like he was going through ariel’s labor again-

    *Blue Berri**Blue Berri*Måned siden
  • The lady: some women wore corsets for support Me: yeah ✨emotional support ✨

    MylittleAnimateMylittleAnimateMåned siden
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    tay ohhtay ohhMåned siden
  • I can feel the pain it hurts

  • I just watched a video on burlesque on snapchat! I know no what he meant at the beginning

    Coleman CousinsColeman CousinsMåned siden
  • watching this in 2021 when the fulmer's second kid is about the same age as their first one is in this video

    Liz OrganLiz OrganMåned siden
  • My mom wears a corset saying, "It will make me thinner."

    CaramelCaramelMåned siden
  • so sexy❤❤❤

    Daryl VercelesDaryl VercelesMåned siden