The Try Guys Make Dresses Without Instructions

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We really went full Project Runway on this one y'all! Watch us try to make dresses without instructions! 👗
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  • Eugene is giving me. Assassins creed

    JekxJekx5 timer siden
  • I would totally wear Kelsey’s dress if it was sold in stores!

    Samantha Wood GM 2015Samantha Wood GM 2015Dag siden

    momo.pop9momo.pop92 dager siden
  • I love Eugenesdress

    Vocal VVocal V2 dager siden
  • just need to point out that i think the a in ned's dress is actually inspired by emma stone's dress on the movie easy a (the placement is also very similar) and IM SO UP FOR IT

    lathifah zlathifah z3 dager siden
  • Girl I’m tryna bring capes back. I have several. I got one for a single penny at Value Village. Only those with pockets though!

    Meglet Montrose-CazaletMeglet Montrose-Cazalet4 dager siden
  • Pockets are ALWAYS good! I need to learn how to ADD pockets to my stuff that doesn’t have them. I need a DIY for adding pockets to any dress.

    Meglet Montrose-CazaletMeglet Montrose-Cazalet4 dager siden
  • Zach walked out and all I saw was madea 🤣

    Marisa IrvenMarisa Irven4 dager siden
  • I seriously would buy Ned's dress I freaking love it!!!!

    Cassidy RoopCassidy Roop4 dager siden
  • all craft episode secret weapon:glue

    santo hijisanto hiji4 dager siden
  • I'm sorry but I can't stop looking at Zach's right arm ITS GETTING STRANGLED

    Snovia SinghSnovia Singh5 dager siden
  • I love how everyone is fucking having a panic attack and Kelsey is using her phone

    Snovia SinghSnovia Singh5 dager siden
  • I like the details on Ned's dress but I think Zach's actually had a better silhouette. I don't know, I liked his dress other than the construction obviously

    Sam RSam R5 dager siden
  • "Stuff me" That's what he/she said. Yes he/she. Don't discriminate

    Demir ArolDemir Arol6 dager siden
  • This confirmed that I really can't stand Keith- as soon as Kelsey replaced him, I immediately enjoyed the Try Guys better. I can't be the only person who's sick of his dumb temper fits.

    It's ShmuellaIt's Shmuella6 dager siden
  • Love neds better much more details

    Jennifer SummersJennifer Summers6 dager siden
    • And he was soo into it

      Jennifer SummersJennifer Summers6 dager siden
  • I would have put Zach above Kelsey. Zach's dress wasn't necessarily stylish but it was way more wearable than Kelsey's

    souviendrasouviendra8 dager siden
  • Kelsey NAILED those Keith impressions

    Screaminglemon631Screaminglemon6319 dager siden
  • Who else wants to see Zach in a maid's outfit "Meeeeeeee"

    Anjali RaiAnjali Rai10 dager siden
  • Guys bring back candid competition

    Anjali RaiAnjali Rai10 dager siden
  • Guys bring back candid competition

    Anjali RaiAnjali Rai10 dager siden
  • Zack and Kelsey taking a photo break is gold👌🏻

    Caitlyn FordCaitlyn Ford11 dager siden
  • 4:55 making a dress is so much more straight forward then baking a muffin. U can see the seems and how a dress is made. Only thing u can see about the composition of a muffin is- it exists. And it’s slightly bread like??

    Caitlyn FordCaitlyn Ford11 dager siden
  • i’m not rankings yet but apart from zach as last idk how they’re doing this i love the other 3 sm

    zara ahmed !!zara ahmed !!11 dager siden
  • please dont do "socially distanced" picnics. they are no safer than a "regular" picnic

    dani cdani c12 dager siden
  • Y’all are so rude to Eugene- ITS NOT HIS FAULT

    이유진이유진12 dager siden
  • I want a friend like Zach in my life

    Kadambari BhoirKadambari Bhoir12 dager siden
  • oh. I'm gay

    Ryan ORyan O13 dager siden
  • Ned definitely won

    NephrakNephrak14 dager siden
  • Ned with his moustache is giving me Freddie Mercury vibes

    Fuji's SisterFuji's Sister14 dager siden
  • Wait Zack has worn a dress before?????????

    Chesca RanulloChesca Ranullo15 dager siden
  • 9:02 We all need a Zach

    Anne CarmellaAnne Carmella16 dager siden

    Warren JohnsWarren Johns16 dager siden
  • did they just make dresses in their respective colours (including Kelsey in blue)

    Cyclonado ThunderclawCyclonado Thunderclaw16 dager siden
  • Ned is definitely my winner for this one, he killed it.

    vineelavineela18 dager siden
  • Will go to my grave saying need was robbed this episode lol

    Chandra WagnerChandra Wagner18 dager siden
  • Zachs cat walk killed me 🤣🤣🤣

    cilla ramoscilla ramos18 dager siden
  • Kelsey and Zach photo moment 😂😂😂

    cilla ramoscilla ramos18 dager siden
  • Kelsey is fricken annoying. She seems like she's trying too hard to be funny.

    Danielle NicholleDanielle Nicholle18 dager siden
    • Interesting how you can tell every comment I’ve ever made about a man or woman from this 🙂

      Danielle NicholleDanielle Nicholle9 dager siden
    • Interesting how "they're trying too hard to be funny" is only ever said if it's about a woman 🤔

      Screaminglemon631Screaminglemon6319 dager siden
  • Oh mah gawd. Eugene's deep v in the back ...........

    AnimezinglyAnimezingly19 dager siden
  • Ned is giving me Freddy Mercury with this look!! 🤑

    ga_sweetiega_sweetie19 dager siden
  • “Dudes in dresses. Make it a thing.” Harry Styles has entered the chat..

    Minnie McMinnie Mc19 dager siden
  • this is one of the tamest episodes of Drag Race i’ve ever seen

    Mituna CaptorMituna Captor21 dag siden
  • Zach made a grandma dress Eugene made a mom dress Kelsey made a dress for a 20 year old And Ned made a dress for an edgy teen Together they make one messy family

    MeijiMeiji21 dag siden
  • Ned keeps talking about the moustache, which is fine whatever, but the bandana is what's throwing me off. Why isn't he talking about that?

    MeijiMeiji21 dag siden
  • How could someone like Eugene have low self-esteem??? He is an absolute god amongst men!!!

    Nicole HolmbergNicole Holmberg22 dager siden
  • Jsjsjsjsjjs

    Vic T'ikaVic T'ika22 dager siden
  • 11:54 this part between eugene and ned is so wholesome

    Amanda MulliganAmanda Mulligan22 dager siden
  • Ned is exquisite🔥

    Gwen TGwen T22 dager siden
  • Me, an aspiring fashion designer: what... did I just watch 👁👄👁

    POON Pan Ching WaterChing StudentPOON Pan Ching WaterChing Student22 dager siden
  • Kelsey has such a lovely singing voice.

    yoshifan109yoshifan10922 dager siden
  • Zach’s dress looks exactly like Popeyes wife Olive took a tropical vacation.😂

    Ruby RoseRuby Rose23 dager siden
  • this is honestly a travesty, eugene's is beautiful but Ned clearly won, he was robbed

    Sadie BehrSadie Behr23 dager siden
  • Ned was robbed of this win

    Shedo BeShedo Be24 dager siden
  • They’re almost fully well rounded drag queens now! I’m expecting an application from some of the on Drag Race in the future

    Mike_762Mike_76224 dager siden
  • 26:08 😍

    mariethesizzler 9492mariethesizzler 949224 dager siden
  • I loved Kelsey! She's such a great addition to the group. Please invite her back again.

    Dawn AveryDawn Avery26 dager siden
  • lmao kelsey roasting them is everything

    Aadya PanditaAadya Pandita27 dager siden
  • this is the best try guys episode ever

    Joh FamJoh Fam27 dager siden
  • We made Zack’s dream come true. Men in dresses is now a hot thing.

    August DuncanAugust Duncan28 dager siden
  • “Dudes in Dresses, make it happen” Harry Styles: “say no more”

    Kimchi BargerKimchi Barger28 dager siden
  • make an ancient greek style dress, it's just two rectangles sewn together

    KirstenKirsten29 dager siden
  • Yeah no ned DEFINITELY got robbed..

    BergBerg29 dager siden
  • Yes, kpop stans are watching 👀

    Rebecca 444Rebecca 444Måned siden
  • Really appreciate the work Ned put into it, its really impressive how much he achieved with the time limit, but Eugenes dress is just better.

    Dee GlossDee GlossMåned siden
  • can we get a rematch for this episode? definitely think that people disagree about the winning order

    🌟🌟Måned siden
  • petition for kelsey to become the fifth try guy

    🌟🌟Måned siden
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    Melissa DesrochersMelissa DesrochersMåned siden
  • The sweet tom-tom specifically plug because aries booly colour about a vengeful soprano. cluttered, filthy thread

    rj oreillyrj oreillyMåned siden
  • Ned's mustache makes me want to throw a razor at his face. GET RID OF IT

    anonymous personanonymous personMåned siden
  • *KELSEY!!!*

    Miz Lauren AlexisMiz Lauren AlexisMåned siden
  • I am so here for the aggressive man-spreading that Kelsey does 😂

    Abby ThomasAbby ThomasMåned siden
  • it took me until the timestamp 8:36 to have this thought... pockets.. they could've added pockets to their design plan

    Amethyst SubsAmethyst SubsMåned siden
  • This feels like an episode of drag race

    MossyMossyMåned siden
  • Ladies, always wear underwear, even in your sundresses! Haha!

    GabiGabiMåned siden
  • Zach is so adorable.

    kerlyenaikerlyenaiMåned siden
  • FYI 20:41, its a kurta (indian traditional dress)

    Manishka PManishka PMåned siden
  • Ned absolutely should’ve won

    Kristina MikaKristina MikaMåned siden
  • Zachs dress looks like my grandmothers nursing home dress

    Bronte SecombeBronte SecombeMåned siden
  • 🤣🤣🤣 good watch!

    gurlfromNZgurlfromNZMåned siden
  • At this rate, eugene could even build a spaceship

    the suhflowerthe suhflowerMåned siden
  • What is wrong that girl? Was she high? 😂🤣

    sattareh montaserisattareh montaseriMåned siden
  • kelsey tall has a big mouth and lactose intolerance

    Le MoonLe MoonMåned siden
  • I want to be able to buy Kelsey's Dress 😔

    YupinaYupinaMåned siden
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    sour chucksour chuckMåned siden
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    Heidi MooreHeidi MooreMåned siden
  • "Did you just have a stroke?" "Yep!"

    HikariHikariMåned siden
    • 20:39

      Sarah HerbstSarah HerbstMåned siden
  • Kelsey's Kieth impression was spot on.

    B BrunninB BrunninMåned siden
  • Kelsey is hilarious

    riri_ rianariri_ rianaMåned siden
  • I'm so proud of Ned for letting his inner teenage rocker girl out, owning it, and creating an amazing product with a lot of details. You can tell he cared a lot about this by the attention to detail. Awesome work my man!

    İlkim Şenİlkim ŞenMåned siden
  • i actually want to recreate Eugene's dress so bad

    Louise LsbsLouise LsbsMåned siden
  • me: *sees on is cosplay business owner* also me: you are now my favourite!!

    Key Ghost KnightKey Ghost KnightMåned siden
  • Zack’s is Lily Pulitzer esc

    BlueCupidBlueCupidMåned siden
  • Kesley seems kinda drunk

    Elizabeth BElizabeth BMåned siden
  • I like the concept and colour for Eugene's dress, but the execution looked really bad to me. It looked like a bunch of fabric piled on semi-randomly and hope for the best. Man is flaunting "wrapped in a blanket" look and the judges are LOVING IT. Zach looks like a grandma. Kelsi looks like a mess. Even if she hadn't used hot glue, the style just screams DIY 5minutes craft hot glue project. Ned rocked it!

    creepydude94creepydude94Måned siden
  • Bold of the woman wearing a one-piece jumpsuit thing to keep going on about the importance of easy-pee in a dress :P

    creepydude94creepydude94Måned siden
  • 10:21 ned in the background 😂

    Lauren TurtleLauren TurtleMåned siden
  • Alt Tiktok is probably so proud of Ned

    MCMCMåned siden
  • Ned's dress reminds me of Wonder Woman

    Caroline PatriciaCaroline PatriciaMåned siden
  • The overwrought cod disappointedly reproduce because clock formerly punch between a vigorous mary. silky, adaptable humor

    madison terrymadison terryMåned siden