The Try Guys Cook Dumplings Without A Recipe

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#WithoutARecipe is back! In today's episode watch us give dumplings a try and in a series first, we'll be challenged to cook IN FRONT of the judges! Ahhhh! Don't forget to get your Virtual World Premiere tickets to see Behind The Try!! They're going fast! Be the first to see the movie, get an exclusive red carpet experience, and watch it with us!
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  • Kim Chee with Pineapple actually sounds good! Spicy plus sweet!

    Victoria HowardVictoria Howard55 minutter siden
  • I would pay literal money to be in the car with Eugene and Matt on the way home after this

    All Things NNAll Things NN19 timer siden
  • I love how blunt Matt is😂

    Taylor ElyseTaylor ElyseDag siden
  • Keith's face when Zach introduces a fusion between Japan and Hawaii is sending me 😅

    Katie MillerKatie Miller2 dager siden
  • 40:18 😂😂😂

    Ocean FishOcean Fish2 dager siden
  • eugene doing his "one pot" swirl and zach just joining in was so cute

    TashinaTashina2 dager siden
  • Get rid of Eugene. Ugh

    Aaron BuckAaron Buck2 dager siden
  • Does anyone else low key find Eugene and Matt’s relationship absolutely adorable? Like I seriously do love those 2 together.

    Shannon StaufferShannon Stauffer2 dager siden
  • Can somebody please tell me that I’m not the *only one* who think Eugene is literally Magnus bane in real life....and if u do not know who Magnus bane is .....shame on u 🤠

    Vedha ChananaVedha Chanana2 dager siden
  • "it doesn't seem very healthyyy" matt must be tonnssss of fun at parties lol

    Maddie GreenMaddie Green2 dager siden
  • I want them to do a video where they go to his aunts restaurant O.O

    nick orangenick orange3 dager siden
  • Keith losing his shit is one of my favorite things on NOcds.

    Nick DeavellNick Deavell3 dager siden
  • Is no one gonna talk about Eugene's " You love everything I give you that's meat forward. "

    Shivangi VermaShivangi Verma3 dager siden
  • Listening to this with your eyes closed changes the ENTIRE mood

    Phitch123Phitch1234 dager siden
  • Matt is ruthless lol 😅

    vanessa Barajasvanessa Barajas4 dager siden
  • This lady looks like a piece of plastic and her voice is horrific!!!

    WhitneyWhitney4 dager siden
  • God I love Eugene, the confident Texan makes me feel like I’m out screwing around with some buddies. Also, Dallas says hi.

    Doombeak EDoombeak E4 dager siden
  • I would definitely say that Zach got his brownie points. :)

    LilianaKaliLilianaKali4 dager siden
  • Give him the Mc Donald’s sponsorship 🙄 (jk, jk no hate)

    Matilda NieminenMatilda Nieminen4 dager siden
  • The only NOcds group where I absolutely love everyone in the group a lot

    Jami MaeJami Mae5 dager siden
  • Idk if I'm weird for this but the way Zach smacks his dough at 22:18 makes me laugh so much 😅

    Traci GlennTraci Glenn5 dager siden
  • eugene, you missed the perfect opportunity to have your dipping sauce be a potato salad purée!!! that would have been the icing on the cake.

    Amber PerdueAmber Perdue5 dager siden
  • 39:00 Ralphs: o.o'

    YouTube And chillYouTube And chill5 dager siden
  • Ned share the name of your aunt's restaurant so people in her area can try her food and maybe also help her by boosting her up. I've been buying food only from local places to try and help support the local business in my area and in my parents area when I visit them to try and keep them up with some friends

    NoOneNoOne5 dager siden
  • 40:20

    RedxBK 2 DEFRedxBK 2 DEF5 dager siden
  • 9:16 that’s what she said

    NayNay BoiNayNay Boi5 dager siden
  • Matt and Eugene are such a hot couple. One is good at cooking while the other is good at art. And they're both kind and GORGEOUS!!!!

    AyeshaAyesha5 dager siden
  • 33:09 That was cute when the seal was digging in the sand

    Hazel MelendezHazel Melendez5 dager siden
  • I never thought I'd hear Ravioli be called an Italian Dumpling....but it's so true And then the...the emotions I felt when Bed and Keith were making dough that's similar to Italian pasta dough.....

    Morgan GrantMorgan Grant6 dager siden
  • Down below, everything is bigger

    Demir ArolDemir Arol6 dager siden
  • My favorite thing about the judging portion was Keith holding his chopsticks in one hand and the dumpling in the other

    Chrystal Mc KenzieChrystal Mc Kenzie6 dager siden
  • Zach and I have matching ADHD Chaos Emerald-bedazzled brains

    Seymour DisapprovesSeymour Disapproves6 dager siden
  • I wish I could borrow Zach’s brain for a day. He’s on a completely different wavelength lol

    Rastuf RusssRastuf Russs6 dager siden
  • i enjoy the seals

    Aurora PinkstonAurora Pinkston7 dager siden
  • Kimono mom is offended 🥟

    MC BerryMC Berry7 dager siden
  • Can someone tell Ned that New Orleans has Creole food, and Cajun food is more in the Lafayette area?

    Theta LawrenceTheta Lawrence7 dager siden
  • I’m so confused with the clips of the seals... but I love them so I’m not complaining 🥺😂

    Ella M Carr-SpeersElla M Carr-Speers7 dager siden
  • Dude Eugene's boyfriend is a dick

    Tyler GlowinskiTyler Glowinski7 dager siden
    • that's just the character he's playing for this show lol, if you watch some other videos with him he's not like this. it's kind of like how keith gets irrationally angry, it's not that he's an asshole, it's just a character he plays for entertainment value cause that's their job

      ayeitsreyyayeitsreyy6 dager siden
  • Zach...I need to know what your obsession with adding pineapple to everything is...please I'm genuinely very curious

    Swick ProductionsSwick Productions7 dager siden
  • 8:57 I’m concerned 🤣🤣🤣

    Chloe HammondsChloe Hammonds7 dager siden
  • I'm at 25:26 so I don't know if they said it later or not. But when you close your dumpling, It's better to let two holes apart open. At the extreme edges, I'd say.

    Coline Clodine-FlorentColine Clodine-Florent8 dager siden
  • I like how the tryguys make long vids

    Little LabLittle Lab8 dager siden
  • Eugene seems sooo embarrassed by Matt omfg

    Gabby WilliamsGabby Williams8 dager siden
  • I’m not an expert at cooking, but I feel like it wouldve been easier for Ned to put the soup in *after* cooking

    yummyyummy8 dager siden
  • Keith looks like a scared child watching mummy and daddy fight

    Victoria HeatherlyVictoria Heatherly8 dager siden
  • i think ned and kieth were just making pasta 😳

    Charlie McCaffreyCharlie McCaffrey8 dager siden
  • Rosanna: Zach are you trying to get brownie points? Zach: ohhh that's next episode **spoiler alert** Then he actually goes on to win the brownie episode 😂🥳

    HellaMay18HellaMay188 dager siden
  • Rosanna: put me in a carnival and I’ll gain 10 pounds. Also Rosanna: goes into carnival and dies

    Xxgalaxy_gamingxXXxgalaxy_gamingxX9 dager siden
    • @Xxgalaxy_gamingxX oh okay, I didn't know what that is lol. I thought you implied she would because she wouldn't eat anything there 😶

      Through Hellfire • 20 years agoThrough Hellfire • 20 years ago6 dager siden
    • @Through Hellfire • 20 years ago she was on escape the night

      Xxgalaxy_gamingxXXxgalaxy_gamingxX6 dager siden
    • Wth

      Through Hellfire • 20 years agoThrough Hellfire • 20 years ago6 dager siden
  • I should show my Asian Mom this video...or maybe I shouldn’t...I’m not sure

  • 27:18 you can hear the one shot where they use both keith’s and eugene’s mics bc keith’s voice echos for like 1 second

    RoomyD0m1n1cRoomyD0m1n1c9 dager siden
  • Still trying to find out the purpose of random animal clips each video.

    Jason MooreJason Moore9 dager siden
  • there's only one dumpling and that is Pierogi

    Tyler YounesTyler Younes9 dager siden

    Destiny GreenDestiny Green9 dager siden
  • DUMP-lings...!

    Miz Lauren AlexisMiz Lauren Alexis9 dager siden
  • lets be honest..we all knew eugene was gonna win

    fujoshi girlfujoshi girl10 dager siden
  • Guys matt and eugene are litteraly alec and magnus. Its them i swear to god :0

    Lucifer ;-;Lucifer ;-;10 dager siden
  • These soys are the most insufferable creatures on YT

    sugos ysugos y10 dager siden
  • As someone who does not eat pork I appreciate you guys alternating the menu to accommodate someone who doesn’t. Normally people get upset or agitated as if it’s a inconvenience. I’m from Louisiana so when I stopped eaten crawfish, pork, and catfish my family looked at me weird and still do. But I’m much healthier🙂.

    ReneeRenee10 dager siden
    • I'm glad you're doing what's good for you regardless of what others think 🥰

      ααժყαααժყα7 dager siden
  • we need more art episodessss !!!!!😍

    moonmoon10 dager siden
  • Matt with the purple chopsticks. Eugene ' color

    Naomi Gracielle TohonNaomi Gracielle Tohon10 dager siden
  • Keith: *criticizing Zach's pan frying method* Zach: *doing it correctly*

    Draw For EternityDraw For Eternity11 dager siden
  • Can we sign a petition ti have Matt in every video? I can't get enough of their tough love

    Secret LSecret L11 dager siden
  • eugene is such a piece of art like fuck i'm so happy he exists and is beautiful like that

    thylatrashthylatrash11 dager siden

    Aniyah HallAniyah Hall11 dager siden
  • Is everyone just going to ignore 40:18 sheesh

    LynxioLynxio11 dager siden
  • keith made a curry puff

    aynaayna11 dager siden
  • The key difference between Zach winging things and Eugene winging things is that Eugene has a better understanding of flavor combinations which Zach doesn't.

    Misheel BayasgalanMisheel Bayasgalan12 dager siden
  • Im dyeing for the way thar Zack pronounces pineapples🤤

    Salma EissaSalma Eissa12 dager siden
  • Lmao why did they keep cutting to seals? Like what do they have to do with dumplings😂😂

    Zannia OjibeZannia Ojibe12 dager siden
  • why are there seals in this video- i-

    froglienfroglien13 dager siden
  • I dont think keith realizes the dough he is making is pasta dough

    Rose DoedenRose Doeden13 dager siden
  • 9:48 Sounds Like Fnaf Security Breache's Jumpscare Sound

    Syazwi AdaniSyazwi Adani13 dager siden
  • Poor Keith :') :')

    Marine Life VideosMarine Life Videos14 dager siden
  • 9:17 thats what she saaaiddd

    Suhani KapoorSuhani Kapoor14 dager siden
  • Eugene kinda reminds me of Yoo Jonghyuk. If ya know, ya know.

    Gia LiLyGia LiLy14 dager siden
  • I just realised that Matt is the only one with purple chopsticks lol

    Pako GaobolelelwePako Gaobolelelwe14 dager siden
  • The moment he forgot that even Russians have dumplings... ooooh 😅

    Anna TimoshenkoAnna Timoshenko14 dager siden
  • That's not fair. Eugene had an advantage!!

    AllysonAlexandRavenAllysonAlexandRaven14 dager siden
  • Matt made this video 10000x better

    Taylor RideTaylor Ride15 dager siden
  • Keith is so funny when he eats with two hands and gets so angry! My favorite

    Catherine MarinelloCatherine Marinello15 dager siden
  • 0:09 same

    halley ameliahalley amelia15 dager siden
  • “I wanted to honor my father. That didn’t work out, so no more honoring my father.” _Keiths father will remember that_

    A duck with a YouTube channelA duck with a YouTube channel15 dager siden
  • Zach needs to stay away from the pineapple, he tries to put it into everything.

    Selest MilesSelest Miles15 dager siden
  • -19:24 looks like a seal just gave birth lol

    Gen DollGen Doll16 dager siden
  • 46:00

    mimikoasmimikoas16 dager siden
  • Kimchi is not vegan

    Vy PhanVy Phan16 dager siden
  • Ned is literally me every episode.

    narmaKnarmaK16 dager siden
  • keith's face when he found the bone

    Kae TokyoKae Tokyo17 dager siden
  • Perry is fine as hell.

    HmoobgaiHmoobgai18 dager siden
  • didn't know that zach and eugene were the duo that my bisexual heart needed

    Colleen KeimColleen Keim18 dager siden
    • What does u being bi have to do with anything

      Aurelia ElleAurelia ElleDag siden
    • It's the best duo imo

      ααժყαααժყα7 dager siden
  • 16:25 I- you don’t have to cook beans... they don’t pose a health risk unless you eat them dried 😭

    LorezLorez18 dager siden
  • Zach has his own method of winning. He doesn’t try to be the best he just lowers the bar while the judges are judging until it looks like a fantastic improvement

    A_HUMANA_HUMAN19 dager siden
  • keith really death-stared ralphs

    Jennifer RazoJennifer Razo19 dager siden
  • i hate matt honestly its not cool to be rude

    Jimena AragónJimena Aragón19 dager siden
  • Me: who is going to win? My 4 yo: Zach is going to lose. Shantay, get away!

    Maggie Navarrete BurgoinMaggie Navarrete Burgoin19 dager siden
  • Keith: cutting a little bit of cabbage with a little knife

    Fabienne LejarsFabienne Lejars19 dager siden
  • It literally makes me so uncomfortable when Keith screams like that. It's so unsettling to me. V scary. plz stop

    Ging ShambergerGing Shamberger19 dager siden
  • legit one of the best judge trios they've had on this show.

    Shambhavi KShambhavi K19 dager siden
  • I wanted you to know 1 thing Why Can’t Rossana Eat Pork

    GAMING WITH Aryan YTGAMING WITH Aryan YT19 dager siden
  • i love when eugene and matt start quarrelling and it cuts to keith just like “wtff”

    T RT R19 dager siden