Keith Eats Everything At Subway

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  • Out of all your BS American Food Chain restaurants, Subway and Chipotle are the best. But don't get me wrong, they are all bad.

    Igor YugureIgor Yugure2 timer siden
  • yo the veggie delight is actually good, but with pepperjack cheese, italians herbs and cheese bread and ranch, or some sauce

    Ashutosh KomaliAshutosh Komali4 timer siden
  • Are we gonna drain the lettuce again?

    Blue_AngelBlue_Angel10 timer siden
  • Wait.. having chips with your sandwich is a thing?

    SuouEtsumiSuouEtsumi10 timer siden
  • What I've learned from this is that SubWay in the US is just bad, the veggie Pattie here in the UK is gorgeous, that one was pale AF ours are a lot darker.

    JeaverJeaver11 timer siden
  • Their Chipotle Southwest sauce and the Italian herbs and cheese bread is what makes a subway sub. And then you put the Doritos in the sub. Only if it’s like ham, turkey, or cold cut. I’d never eat subway again if one of those were taken off the menu.

    Vanessa LucienneVanessa Lucienne14 timer siden
  • Do golden chick!!! So good

    Natasha ThomassonNatasha Thomasson14 timer siden
  • Yooo you should eat everything at Dairy Queen!

    Amanda ReillyAmanda Reilly15 timer siden
  • Wow, way to shame baked potato chip lovers.

    John KitchenJohn Kitchen16 timer siden
  • *takes bite of meatball* "that's chef boyardee" hahahaah

    Ol GillyOl Gilly16 timer siden
  • you epitomize white privilege.

    wildvicious 11wildvicious 1117 timer siden
  • Rank king chips when!?

    Garin godfreyGarin godfrey18 timer siden
  • i need a Sam in my life

    Urjaswi SarkarUrjaswi Sarkar19 timer siden
  • Can’t believe you didn’t invite TheOdd1sOut to give his perspective on Soooubwai

    GallifrAngelGallifrAngel19 timer siden
  • Ohhh I'm loving seeing Sam more!!!!

    Öykü İşmanÖykü İşman22 timer siden
  • From the Midwest live in the Midwest and still have no idea what this dish he’s talking about is

    cody randallcody randallDag siden

    irish nesssirish nesssDag siden
  • Eugene: “well that’s because you were in the south.” Also Eugene: grew up in Texas

    Rock girlRock girlDag siden
  • "Let me get this black olive out of here. It's going to affect my whole experience." - Keith Habersburger, Teller of Truths

    Rachel CiprottiRachel CiprottiDag siden
  • I can’t with bluegrass good king Wenceslas playing in the background

    Vibeke RivetVibeke RivetDag siden
  • Cold cut combo with cucumber, olives, lettuce, spinach, banana peppers, bell peppers, salt, pepper, mustard, Mayo, oil and vinegar. Makes it better then what they recommend

    Yoli EspinozaYoli EspinozaDag siden
    • stop pushing your sauce

      Rock girlRock girlDag siden
  • Becky definitely threw up subway in college

    Cassidy EckmanCassidy EckmanDag siden

    samantha sparkssamantha sparksDag siden
  • Love to see Zach and Maggie sharing clothes

    KateKateDag siden
  • What about Chipotle?

    Ryan Spencer LauderdaleRyan Spencer LauderdaleDag siden
  • Never been a fan of Subway, but damn those sandwiches looked dry. Where is the vinegar and oil, mayo, mustard, etc. Sometimes the condiment helps actually make something inedible, edible.

    Angela CarterAngela CarterDag siden
  • I'm from the north and bar bq chips were the go to at my schools 🤔

    MomokoMaggieMomokoMaggieDag siden
  • imagine if Sam got pulled over for talking on his sub phone and had to explain to the officer that it's not what it looks like

    kolim jonekolim joneDag siden
  • Subway existing shows people will eat anything.

    Missy OswaldMissy OswaldDag siden
  • Dear Sam, You are an absolute gem and a gift on this earth. Always and forever!

    NerdyGeishaNerdyGeishaDag siden
  • so American, typical fucking overconsumption

    Ana Gh.Ana Gh.Dag siden
    • Your subway is nothing like my local one. They hook up the meat!

      kolim jonekolim joneDag siden
  • I’ve been wanting Keith to do a green taco salsa since the burger sauce came out!! Looking forward to trying that. Also Keith you need to try everything at the Habit burger place!

    MainStreetSweetheartMainStreetSweetheart2 dager siden
  • Sam is precious

    Xena AsmrXena Asmr2 dager siden
  • I can't be the only one who finds zack so cringe all the time?

  • Keith should try eating everything from the Walmart deli!

    It’s HannahIt’s Hannah2 dager siden
  • stop pushing your sauce

    Steven GauthierSteven Gauthier2 dager siden
  • Not that anyone cares but my subway order is pepperoni, salami, American cheese, mixed cheese, toasted, light may(makes me feel better), and lettuce(to be healthy)

    Sydney ChristySydney Christy2 dager siden
    • @Coz yeppp

      Sydney ChristySydney ChristyDag siden
    • ah yes the lettuce makes it healthy

      CozCoz2 dager siden
  • I love Sam 😂

    Syd FontiSyd Fonti2 dager siden
  • “Smells like a graduation party” 😂

    Angela FisherAngela Fisher2 dager siden
  • This video fills me with one sentance. Smooth brain.

    Ivan the ImpoverishedIvan the Impoverished2 dager siden
  • Italian,white bread,no cheeses,toasted,lettuce,cucumber,banana peppers

    dark_fly_boidark_fly_boi2 dager siden
  • i've lived in ct my entire life yet i've some how never known that subway started there... hmm. interesting

    Alex HolubaAlex Holuba2 dager siden
  • I wonder if y’all tell them what you’re getting all the food for before hand because my subway sandwiches of always looked way better than that maybe they were having a bad day or it was a bad subway

    Harli YoungHarli Young2 dager siden
  • I, for one, would like to hear the full sub phone conversation.

    Matthew TasetanoMatthew Tasetano2 dager siden
  • Your subway is nothing like my local one. They hook up the meat!

    Hoss DelgadoHoss Delgado2 dager siden

    natalia wilsonnatalia wilson2 dager siden
  • You should do a Keith eats everything at Boston Market!

    Isabel DeangelisIsabel Deangelis2 dager siden
  • No seafood salad sub, cool ranch Doritos, or white chocolate macadamia nut cookie? Nothing in my entire order was tried. :'(

    Mariposa en PeruMariposa en Peru2 dager siden
  • Go RedBirds! My alma mater too

    Patricia WallerPatricia Waller2 dager siden
  • They read our comments about Sam from last time and they're giving us more, thank you thank you

    sehhi vootysehhi vooty2 dager siden
  • Ok but Aussie subway is so much better than this

    Katie YoungKatie Young2 dager siden
  • Lmao you usually have to ask for everything you want on the sandwich thats probably why theres no condiments

    CierraCierra2 dager siden
  • If Milad Mirg made those subs they would have been much better lol

    Pineapple GirlPineapple Girl2 dager siden
    • Subway sandwiches make my stomach hurt, but thankfully it seems like I'm not missing out on much

      sehhi vootysehhi vooty2 dager siden
  • I was eating a subway while watching this-

    AxionAxion2 dager siden
  • Is there a Togo’s down there? Togo’s is one of my favorite sandwich spots. Also, what about eat the menu for Carl’s Jr.?

    Heather WhiteleyHeather Whiteley2 dager siden
  • Cheesecake factory

    chuck lovvornchuck lovvorn3 dager siden
  • Eat the menu at Dairy Queen.

    eg5479eg54793 dager siden
  • So sad that $5 foot long is now $12 foot long.. bring me back :((

    Jadon KeenanJadon Keenan3 dager siden
  • This is why if you go to subway you have to toast your sandwich 🥪

    garrett albongarrett albon3 dager siden
  • See the thing about subway though is it all depends on which location you pick. The one by my house is good, but I've been to others where they just don't make them well so maybe they just chose a bad location

    OliviaOlivia3 dager siden
  • I work at 🥪subway and these poor Subway workers made all these sandwiches😂😂 worth it for the content though!~

    Bri WirthBri Wirth3 dager siden
  • Did Keith asks for the Subs to be toasted?? If not, he's missing a lot of texture!

    DaanDaan3 dager siden
  • i’m so fuckin glad eugene pointed it out it was driving me insane

    nicole pnicole p3 dager siden
  • Gotta be apperceive of not only the classical music, but that the horn is featured. ;)

    Andrew KasperAndrew Kasper3 dager siden
  • Cinnamon and raison hot sauce is garbage

    Trevor KuangTrevor Kuang3 dager siden
  • I don't understand how subway is so popular. It is literally the worst food of any (inter)national fast food chain. The fact they also pretend like it's healthy makes it double bad. At least Keith's wife agrees with me, since she won't allow that crap in the house.

    MrVovansimMrVovansim3 dager siden
    • Eh its okay. Chipotle is definitely superior

      Yasmeen MilouaYasmeen Miloua3 dager siden
  • another uneducated comment about “big game hunting”by someone who doesn’t understand or is too lazy to look into the conservation aspect and how necessary hunting is, especially for population control.

    DespicableHeroDespicableHero3 dager siden
  • Subway sandwiches make my stomach hurt, but thankfully it seems like I'm not missing out on much

    WafflKitty :3WafflKitty :33 dager siden
  • So glad they didn't roast my spicy Italian sub 🙏

    AndrewHacksAndrewHacks4 dager siden
  • You should go to Ikea and try their whole menu!

    Amanda StewartAmanda Stewart4 dager siden

    RedPaladin42RedPaladin424 dager siden
  • "This egg tastes like it was fried in water" Could it perhaps have been poached, Keith? Could that maybe be a wrap with poached eggs? Eggs that were cooked in water?

    T NicholasT Nicholas4 dager siden
  • Keith eats the menu at Chipotle?!?

    Ram RanaRam Rana4 dager siden

    Will CromieWill Cromie4 dager siden
  • I am still waiting for Becky to start working for the Try Guys, as in being an employee.

    Joseph ConnorsJoseph Connors4 dager siden
  • Subway has one of the best cookies ever!!

    Once you wheein You can’t wheeoutOnce you wheein You can’t wheeout4 dager siden
  • Keith! Eat everything from Beefy King! It’s an Orlando, FL staple. It’s high quality fast food, mostly sandwiches. It’s SO good and they’ve been around since the 60’s- they deserve the recognition!

    X XX X4 dager siden
  • Fun fact Milad Mirg actually made all these subs. If you know you know

    Noah BuentelloNoah Buentello4 dager siden
    • Cap

      smegmasmegma3 dager siden
  • Yeah Subway is trash , glad you said it

    Adam HanohanoAdam Hanohano4 dager siden
  • becky is so pretty holy crap

    2021-Sydney Young2021-Sydney Young5 dager siden
  • Next time Keith is in Florida, he needs to do an 'Eat The Menu' of Publix Subs.

    Blackwater CreekBlackwater Creek5 dager siden
  • You did Subway dirty by not putting on condiments! That's the point of Subway is to be able to create the sandwich how you like it.

    Johanna MykyteJohanna Mykyte5 dager siden
  • his name is bf not keith

    Duck QuackDuck Quack5 dager siden
  • Ned

    Christian CarneiroChristian Carneiro5 dager siden
  • ...the fuck is a 'sandwich chip'!?

    Sara FontaniniSara Fontanini5 dager siden

      Sara FontaniniSara Fontanini2 dager siden
    • chips you eat with a sandwich

      CozCoz2 dager siden
  • Awww you didn’t try their Reece’s cookie

    Morocs RbLxMorocs RbLx5 dager siden
  • Try the wawa egg white rye bread sandwich with american cheese, avocado tomato salsa old Bay, salt, pepper, spinach, hot pepper, and jalapeño pepper.

    Red DukeRed Duke5 dager siden
  • nothing is funnier than sam's dramatic phone calls with the sandwich. more please.

    Hannah AHannah A5 dager siden
  • You need to eat everything from Schlotzsky's.

    Jackie BenterouJackie Benterou5 dager siden
  • i love beckys accent - ‘ohh ets en yar layyap’

    Imogen CavImogen Cav5 dager siden
  • My 3 year old eats tomato and black olives on his sandwiches

    AuntWeezy0709AuntWeezy07095 dager siden
  • Becky looks hella stunning

    Kil GonKil Gon5 dager siden
  • You know what's sad is I've made sandwiches at subway for people who got all the veggies and like half the sauces

    Nicolas XuNicolas Xu5 dager siden
  • Sheetz has the better crap (anything fried, hotdogs etc), Wawa has the better sandwiches

    James SchindlerJames Schindler5 dager siden
  • Just saying WaWa has the BEST sandwiches (hoagies) !!!!

    Sarah SilcoxSarah Silcox5 dager siden
    • FACTS!!

      Dee MccloudDee Mccloud2 dager siden
  • When you eat baked chips for health reasons rather than weight they make sense

    Sheree ASheree A5 dager siden
  • Suggestion for a video: Keith eats everything at Pita Pit

    Horsiegirl998Horsiegirl9985 dager siden
  • I was hoping Keith would try the Subway soups buuuut maybe it's only an up north thing ._.

    TimothyTimothy5 dager siden
  • Becky biting the sub from the top is sending me 😂

    Didi McCoyDidi McCoy5 dager siden
  • Please tell me you're planning a cookout eat the menu.

    Khadejeh NikouyehKhadejeh Nikouyeh5 dager siden