Eugene Ranks The Cheapest Wines

The King is back and he's got a new Queen at his side, the Regal Rank Wife, Becky! Today they're sipping only the cheapest of wines from their chalice! What will these lovers of wine decide? #RankKing
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  • Eugene needs to make a wine line Keith has sauce Zach has tea Eugene Needs to make wine

    Celsey BrownCelsey Brown19 timer siden

    ShannenMakesVideosShannenMakesVideosDag siden
  • How could you leave out Aldi's winking owl?

    Sharon KurthSharon KurthDag siden
  • lol Becky wanted to send an email for a cheap wine...

    J WongJ Wong2 dager siden
  • Why does it feel like Eugene is part of the Try Wives even though he's a Try Guy. Idk if that makes sense lol

    Lily BrownLily Brown2 dager siden
  • The luxuriant cave philosophically muddle because rock orly escape afore a boring orange. glamorous, steadfast mechanic

    Megan McCrory-SteeleMegan McCrory-Steele2 dager siden
  • The inexpensive turnip uncommonly attempt because leo nutritionally amuse without a many shorts. milky, mellow cup

    Aanastasshia CameronAanastasshia Cameron2 dager siden
  • My step sister has gotten fucked up on arbor mist it was also my mom‘s high school wine lol

    emoji loveremoji lover2 dager siden
  • Carlo Rossi just reminds me of my cousin's wedding. Her and her husband had their Greek alumni friends do a "pass the wine" dance and used this.

    Cristan ShamburgerCristan Shamburger3 dager siden
  • They ALWAYS use mozart horn concerto 4! Is this a recording of keith playing?

    Caroline BollingerCaroline Bollinger3 dager siden
  • Kimbop looks a little crazy lol. Like an Old man sitting outside waiting for you to walk pass to curse you out

    Fatz LongFatz Long3 dager siden

    samantha shermansamantha sherman3 dager siden
  • Speaking of Beringer wines, their white zinfandel tastes like a watermelon jolly rancher. If you want to chug it and get drunk, it kind of works.

    thecaitycatthecaitycat3 dager siden
  • More of these videos PLEASE!!!!!

    Perla MendivilPerla Mendivil3 dager siden
  • Soooooooooooo fellow underage gang anyone??

    KattzerplexKattzerplex4 dager siden
  • I am still waiting for the day that Becky joins the Try Guys Company. As in like an employee.

    Joseph ConnorsJoseph Connors4 dager siden
  • i would watch these two for hourssss

    Anika DavieAnika Davie5 dager siden
  • Manischewitz's bottle looks like a cordial drink bottle at walmart

    Sentient RobotSentient Robot5 dager siden
  • Ned

    Christian CarneiroChristian Carneiro5 dager siden

    Kimberly ZagerKimberly Zager5 dager siden
  • Awww Franzia brought back memories of my grandmother hahaha

    Heather _Heather _5 dager siden
  • Manischewitz my beloved...

    scabpuppy the worstscabpuppy the worst5 dager siden
  • 100% Becky is the hotter try wive

    KrovdizzleKrovdizzle5 dager siden
  • Me watching this while drinking wine out of a literal juice box for 100yen (1 usd): I’m the cheapest little bitch

    idaida6 dager siden
  • Omg...I drank a bunch of Arbor Mist, then shaved my legs....don’t drink and shave!

    Sarah MobrotenSarah Mobroten6 dager siden
  • 11:40

    Nicola JacobsNicola Jacobs6 dager siden
  • We need a straight soju ranking and a flavored soju ranking!!!

    JulieJulie7 dager siden
  • we need another collaboration of them together

    Victoria VeraVictoria Vera7 dager siden
  • They should've mixed them all together! Maybe it would turn out something great... Or not 😂

    Lourdes PintorLourdes Pintor7 dager siden
  • Where is winking owl?

    Odora MOdora M7 dager siden
  • I think this is based more on sweetness than quality....which means high to low is right to left for me.

    Brie MontogmeryBrie Montogmery10 dager siden
  • Can’t not love Becky

    Madison RagsdaleMadison Ragsdale10 dager siden
  • Beckyyyy glass bottles are way better for the environment than the plastic bags inside boxed wines!!

    MichealMicheal10 dager siden
  • I only drink sweet wine lol

    MsYohiMsYohi11 dager siden
  • wine is so cheap in America

    Jai-Garrett StephensJai-Garrett Stephens11 dager siden
  • My dream is be in RankKing episode about ranking Whiskey

    LJALJA12 dager siden
  • Lmao my mom waited on Schwarzenegger once, and she agrees that he’s a piece of shit.

    ruthie annruthie ann13 dager siden
  • The efficient explanation peroperatively test because armadillo noticeably guide regarding a same booklet. impossible, versed frog

    Katy LoraKaty Lora14 dager siden
  • The nice expansion thirdly wash because fire computationally breathe underneath a reflective playground. jolly, nebulous mother

    marissa cruzmarissa cruz15 dager siden
  • I love whenever one person in the couple makes a dirty joke and the other is like "gross" when they've been together for a long time it's so cute

    Estrella CasiasEstrella Casias15 dager siden
  • Why is box wine eco friendly? :o

    Angelique DeittrickAngelique Deittrick16 dager siden
  • Do a winne!! It will be the best!!

    1SaNnYlOvE21SaNnYlOvE216 dager siden
  • I love this duo!! They are like the best friends

    1SaNnYlOvE21SaNnYlOvE216 dager siden
  • Alcohol is not good for your testosterone bro

    gilgamesh urukgilgamesh uruk17 dager siden

    TexTheBestTexTheBest17 dager siden
  • Is anyone else confused by the arrows pointing to nothing at 2:10 and 16:12

    TheresaTheresa17 dager siden
  • That’s not even the good Carlo Rossi. You need the Paisano. It became my fams Sunday red wines.

    LeafMeAlomeLeafMeAlome19 dager siden
  • Nobody: Eugene and Becky: **drinking wine in Mordor**

    Navin DavoodiNavin Davoodi19 dager siden
  • The painstaking laugh dewailly clip because tuna predominantly rhyme beside a crooked sunday. laughable, glossy harmony

    Andrea VictorsAndrea Victors20 dager siden
  • Becky " no no not good" * obviously still drinking*

    Marie WillumsenMarie Willumsen20 dager siden
  • * on their third wine* Presumably drunk already

    Marie WillumsenMarie Willumsen20 dager siden
  • Plz do seltzer’s next.

    Danielle HenleyDanielle Henley20 dager siden
  • What happened to social distancing?

    Jessica McSavierJessica McSavier20 dager siden
  • their energy together is the best so funny

    ah ha hanah ha han21 dag siden
  • I can understand Becky's opinion about the rude guest she waited on once, he was in a Korean Englishman video once and instead of letting Josh explain everything about the food, he just ignored him and started eating and interrupting him whenever he had a question of his own like jeesh dude, the food ain't gonna run away, calm down.

    GemGem21 dag siden
  • Haaha pinot grieach😂😂 love the pronunciation

    quinten mquinten m21 dag siden
  • we drink bagged wine as a game called goon of fortune and you pin the bag to a clothesline and spin it and whoever is closets to the bag has to drink

    Charley GraceCharley Grace22 dager siden
  • Eugene ranks...hard seltzers!!!!!!! 🤪

    Lauren MasakoLauren Masako22 dager siden
  • Sounds like barefoot tasted like barefoot

    Twin Hart’sTwin Hart’s22 dager siden
  • The sparkling wine is lambrusco

    MuddleEarthMuddleEarth22 dager siden
  • Becky is so pretty 🤩

    CelesteCeleste22 dager siden
  • Bruh I worked at a liquor store over the summer and this is all people bought lmao

    Julia SavvyJulia Savvy23 dager siden
  • Better wine reviews for regular wine drinkers at "johnny zins kitchen" on NOcds.

    Johnny Zins KitchenJohnny Zins Kitchen23 dager siden
  • Me, a loving moscato italian bii**: hell yas, a lot of moscatos Them: *hate moscatos*

    Valentina ArtusaValentina Artusa24 dager siden
  • In Canada, Woodbridge is $14. Then again, our liquor and cigarette tax helps pay for our healthcare system, so it's more than a fair trade off.

    Air NAir N25 dager siden
  • europe watching: in a can!?!?

    niki vermeulenniki vermeulen26 dager siden
  • who was becky talking about when she tells the least fav celeb. plzz help me out here

    Arni and Arnam TomarArni and Arnam Tomar26 dager siden
    • I think Arnold Schwarzenegger or one of his brothers or brother in law.

      L sauceL sauce22 dager siden
  • God said don’t be drunk so don’t be drunk

    J Weeby NerdyJ Weeby Nerdy26 dager siden
  • As someone who likes Moscato: :'(

    NaminaroNaminaro27 dager siden
  • The broad captain sadly approve because shell continuously exercise pace a redundant helen. amusing, abandoned sky

    Cara ParkerCara Parker28 dager siden
  • You can tell these two have a lot of fun together. I love their dynamic. Seeing Eugene belly laugh was great!

    Sly CooperSly Cooper28 dager siden
  • shirts creek reference is keeping me alive

    Addie StifterAddie Stifter28 dager siden
  • "Noah Centaneo was hotter before he talked,"🤣🤣💀💀💀

    Clara BergClara Berg29 dager siden
  • Oregon Represent on Good Cheap Wine!!

    littleowleyeslittleowleyes29 dager siden
  • where was winking owl!?!? ugghhh soooo sad

    Hanna SHanna S29 dager siden
  • omg please Eugene you should rank different candy bars, ramen, cheese, or squish mallows

    Molly McGrathMolly McGrathMåned siden
  • I want a friend like becky

    Mab BartonMab BartonMåned siden
  • Me sitting here as a trainee of a sommelier drinking a fruit forward Red Cab with him. My trainer: “You know he’s not wrong about the first one. I’d chug that bitch.”

    Lauren SmithLauren SmithMåned siden
  • The Yellowtail shiraz is my cheap choice, mostly because its pretty decent and its easy to tell my space-cadet husband what to get. "Yellowtail, yellow label". Boom. Done.

    bwicketbwicketMåned siden
  • As a Shawn Mendes stan, Shawn is beautiful with long and short hair. I do like how his hair frames his face with his longer hair, but I do think his short hair makes him look younger.

    KayleeRaeDean LucasKayleeRaeDean LucasMåned siden
  • i have never drank wine but i can somewhat know what it tastes like or remember the taste like what

    Zehra JunejoZehra JunejoMåned siden
  • The rude quiet minimally walk because ikebana ectrodactyly fold beside a tidy foam. vagabond, thinkable screen

    boq597kul ;sid'neqboq597kul ;sid'neqMåned siden
  • I made the same mistake qoth the dark horse cans only i had 6 so uh ooof

    Vincent PlaysVincent PlaysMåned siden
  • Canned wine has to be the most depressing thing ever created. It makes box wine look fancy.

    DeiviasDeiviasMåned siden
  • Lol I love Moscato and Arbor Mist. Def not a wine connoisseur. 😂 I only like sweet 🍷.

    Angela BAngela BMåned siden
  • Ah yes the music festivals best friend, a bag of wine. I’m actually impressed Becky knew about slapping the bag

    Jacob MinsterJacob MinsterMåned siden
  • love that the # 17 + 18 wines are my moms favorites lmfao

    Cloud MomCloud MomMåned siden
  • Living for Eugene’s laugh. Becky, be in more videos you’re hilarious!

    mirrbotmirrbotMåned siden
  • that charcuterie board looks like its BUSSING

    katiekatieMåned siden
  • I bet if you distilled this video to just their comments about the wine, it would be about 45 seconds long. I only made it about 7 minutes and couldn't take the annoying banter anymore. The girl is unfathomably annoying.

    BryangxBryangxMåned siden
  • I have only tried two of these wines, the Shiraz and one of the white ones... I guess the other ones are mostly sold within North America??? STILL, this was super entertaining!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    YandolitoYandolitoMåned siden
  • If Matt looked at me I'd cry cause I'd think he was judging me to shit

    Estrella CasiasEstrella CasiasMåned siden
  • Literally the best chemistry on NOcds. I absolutely love it

    Genevieve GalvanGenevieve GalvanMåned siden
  • Really upset that I live in Paso Robles and just now learning that Eugene and Matt even know where that is

    Kaytee GaskillKaytee GaskillMåned siden
  • This is the friendship I wish I had

    9 Tearzzz9 TearzzzMåned siden
  • the david dobrik clip caught me so off guard 😭😭😭😭

    mekenna *mekenna *Måned siden
  • Carlo Rossi was a staple in my college experience lol. So I was happy to see it on the top 10!

    Natalie SNatalie SMåned siden
  • I have always loved Eugene. Watching him with Becky makes me super happy. They really need to make their own Cheap Bitch wine. Ned makes kids, Zach makes tea, and Keith has sauces.

    BoilingKoolaidBoilingKoolaidMåned siden
    • Just scrolled down and saw that it has been said. I'm not alone!!!

      BoilingKoolaidBoilingKoolaidMåned siden
  • 😂😂👏🏾

    Carol AllenCarol AllenMåned siden
  • I need more Becky and Eugene videos please they're a fricken delight

    Bree MedranoBree MedranoMåned siden