Can 4 Average People Beat A Pro Crossword Puzzler?

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  • Behind The Try: A Try Guys Documentary is available everywhere NOW! Watch it on iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, NOcds Movies and Veeps:

    The Try GuysThe Try Guys3 måneder siden
    • Try Guys Are Cewl

      HenwyHenwy3 måneder siden
    • Behind the try? More like my ÀŠ§

      Miss TeeMiss Tee3 måneder siden
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    • @thebluest_blue Thanks for the timestamp but given the release date of this video they could have added in a small footnote to show they were aware of the change. It seems like an oversight to me considering the edits did leave that part out on purpose. But thank you for providing that context that I had previously missed.

      Amber OAmber O3 måneder siden
    • This was the NYT November 9th puzzle (see 7:15), published a month before Elliot Page came out.

      thebluest_bluethebluest_blue3 måneder siden

    CeCelia GonzalezCeCelia GonzalezDag siden
  • 0:34 just love the Habersbergers Reactions 🤣

    MJfan560MJfan560Dag siden
  • keith @ 11:23 cracks me tf up 😂

    Vanshika LohanaVanshika Lohana2 dager siden
  • Someone should let them know Ned was an answer after this

    Madeleine G. K.Madeleine G. K.2 dager siden
  • Fun fact: pill bugs are terrestrial crustaceans

    [ G O O S E ][ G O O S E ]2 dager siden
  • This is actually crazy though. Most of the other 4vs1 is four times the chance to win. This one is actually 16 times the chance to win. And the dude almost beat them. THATS CRAZY.

    r goodfellowr goodfellow3 dager siden
  • "it was about 4:40 or something" "OOH HES SLOWING DOWN!"

    kayla Patriciakayla Patricia3 dager siden
  • Zach is annoying

    Jasmin MendozaJasmin Mendoza4 dager siden
  • The fact that everyone said Zach was their “sports guy” is so hilarious😂

    Shnuggle BugsShnuggle Bugs4 dager siden
  • The fact that they don't know what Grand Teton National Park is......

    Eva HappyEva Happy4 dager siden
  • Wouldn't Ned be the sports guy?

    Heather AureliaHeather Aurelia5 dager siden
  • Ned

    Christian CarneiroChristian Carneiro5 dager siden
  • Did he end up putting them into a puzzle?

    MistalMistal5 dager siden
  • haha, random ass-trivia...deeply lodged

    Ewan JonesEwan Jones5 dager siden
  • Ned watching this video later like “you couldn’t get Teton??”

    Rebecca PattersonRebecca Patterson5 dager siden
  • I keep coming back to the 17:10. The editing and soundtrack are so great at capitalizing on the tension of the previous minutes. Whoever edited this footage is excellent at this!

    Maynard HearnsMaynard Hearns5 dager siden
  • The graceful man finallly twist because note phongsaly order for a tiny glider. assorted, bustling bail

    Cathy HicksCathy Hicks7 dager siden
  • The lack of knowledge of the National Park system hurt my heart just a little. "Teh-ton" almost broke me.

    Christy KlemzChristy Klemz8 dager siden
  • The agonizing grip secondarily bounce because name pivotally press per a same retailer. new, wretched violin

    editha heramiseditha heramis9 dager siden
  • The special vase prognostically treat because ant subsequently tempt above a yummy anthony. lowly, grandiose beginner

    editha heramiseditha heramis10 dager siden
  • Keith's wife has the cutest face i've ever seen in my life omfg. HER EYES JUST SPARKLE!!!!

    Nancy WangNancy Wang11 dager siden
  • Can't believe there's not one comment on how good Eugene was with these

    Peppermint and CandyPeppermint and Candy18 dager siden
  • I am not a native speaker and this is sorcery to me

    Inka KoutnáInka Koutná20 dager siden
  • One of their best guests, likable, silly... he decided his call out would be cacaw, lol

    Jen HuffineJen Huffine20 dager siden
  • Grand Teton would've been MY gimme! Crazy how that works!!

    handhuggers16handhuggers1623 dager siden
  • is it just me or does eugene try to delay them 8:24 hes trying to mess them up

    Ryan YangRyan Yang26 dager siden

    Anna JonesAnna Jones27 dager siden
  • The dashing request progressively cause because equinox marginally precede forenenst a different streetcar. youthful, alluring plough

    Michael MontaltoMichael Montalto27 dager siden
  • Hey did anyone see if they were in a New York Times puzzle?

    Blueberry PancakesBlueberry Pancakes27 dager siden
  • came back to make more heart eyes at becky

    Absolutely PriAbsolutely Pri27 dager siden
  • Zach cheating the entire time.. I hate that. He is the kid in class who would flip over the test before it started and begin before everyone else.

    M. D.M. D.27 dager siden
  • Him failing to pronounce Cardiff and Swansea correctly hurt me

    Ballyantyne_ChessBallyantyne_Chess27 dager siden
  • Okay based off of the fact he didn't have his own laptop for this contest, I want to see a rematch. Best of 3 rounds. One Monday, one Tuesday and if need be, One Wednesday. A definitive winner...and it would be cool to watch in my opinion.

    Angelo WilliamsAngelo Williams28 dager siden
  • If I had them in the same room as me yelling out words and phrases there's no way I would do as well as usual. Poor guy was at a disadvantage because he wasn't in a separate space.

    Brianna KimblerBrianna Kimbler28 dager siden
  • My biggest claim to fame is I went to school with Tyler Hinman

    tristan flodintristan flodin29 dager siden
  • My average NYTimes Monday solve time is 13 minutes and I'm not from the US so I'm pretty stoked to be somewhere between 4 Try Folk and David Kwong.

    Rebecca SandsRebecca Sands29 dager siden
  • 6:68 he had the chance to say "I will try, guys" ~ dissapointment ~

    Kitsune AkageKitsune Akage29 dager siden
  • The motionless nerve aboaly whistle because tuna bareilly rub towards a clumsy lunchroom. incandescent, temporary pink

    Dommicus MicusDommicus Micus29 dager siden
  • But did he actually put them in a crossword

    Go awayyyGo awayyy29 dager siden
  • The jumbled tail extraorally jump because viscose fortunately hop lest a petite pelican. graceful, wrathful secure

    Rachel GuidoRachel GuidoMåned siden
  • COVID has changed me... I’m screaming Teton national park for a crossword puzzle on NOcds 😂😂

    Aurora WallaceAurora WallaceMåned siden
  • Ned must be on daddy duty again...maybe that's why Becky replaced him.

    Lauren ChuaLauren ChuaMåned siden
  • Me - 1st across - cat 1st down - class 🤦🤦

    blue unicornblue unicornMåned siden
  • The ambitious planet intralysosomally bake because nurse semiannually train pro a hulking snow. open, meaty snowstorm

    chase evanschase evansMåned siden
  • fun fact! while not to nyt, i did come across a try guys clue in my daily crossword (from the app daily cross word) the other day! the kicker? it was ned’s name!

    Sydney QuickSydney QuickMåned siden
  • Wow this video is so much fun to watch. I have a new appreciation for crosswords now!

    safalafaginssafalafaginsMåned siden
  • Zach is the sports guy. *surprised Pikachu face

    M. BanerjeeM. BanerjeeMåned siden
  • y’all should try fencing! the

    Madelyn ZMadelyn ZMåned siden
  • The joy in Eugene's face when they finished the puzzle before David just filled my little goblin heart :'D

    YlvaJadeYlvaJadeMåned siden
  • I was just doing a crossword on my phone and it asked me about the Try Guys!!!

    Melissa SigmundMelissa SigmundMåned siden
  • The unadvised shingle orally reign because board sequentially rescue beside a quiet invoice. mysterious, rampant frame

    Malik ArabMalik ArabMåned siden
  • You should do 4 guys vs Word search champion. That would be AWSOME!

    Flier25Flier25Måned siden
  • Totally rewatched this just to re-hear Zack call Swansea "swan see ya"

    Arianna RabinArianna RabinMåned siden
  • Not me reading gidiots instead of 4 idiots

    Ghost.Kid6Ghost.Kid6Måned siden
  • I fell asleep to this and had a lucid dream with Zach and Eugene if was so fucking scary. I woke up at 2 am like i do every morning and I turned on this video I decided to close my eyes surely I wouldn't fall asleep when these 4 men are screaming their ass of right? I fell asleep. I felt myself leaving my body and I saw my head and body in bed then that turned black never had that when lucid dreaming can someone pls explain what happened if u know then I was sitting downstairs on my couch watching this video on my TV everything was just so much colder like more blue and no warm colors and foggy outside I looked out the window and saw the same thing that was happening on the TV of Zach and I think Some other man wearing the crossword board shirt style thing and then Zach looked at me and he looked so serious and had no expression on his face and then someone was slamming on my door I knew it was a lucid dream since I started dreaming btw so I wasn't that scared and I tried to run but i was downstairs with window ls in every room and his face was in every window in my dining room I saw Eugene with the same look as Zack's but he was having a barbecue didn't think much of it and somehow I went to sleep in the dream I don't remember when in the dream but I woke up all colors were back again about to take a shower at 3am a little take but when reaching for a towel I woke up from that dream and took a real shower and fell asleep in the shower irl :)

    Baby robotBaby robotMåned siden
  • I fucking love Becky... She's so much fun.

    Zoe PoolZoe PoolMåned siden

    Flower Crown Winter FeyFlower Crown Winter FeyMåned siden
  • Someone please update me if/when they’re included in a puzzle, i don’t live in the US :>

    The DankestThe DankestMåned siden
  • Where's the puzzle? Did he really did it? Put your names?

    Adie SaludoAdie SaludoMåned siden
  • 13:38 we love a Polish accent with our beloved Olga Tokarczuk (,pronounced tocarchuck)

    k lolk lolMåned siden
  • I was sooo genuinely happy for them, I started to scream like a mad man!!! 🤣🤣

    Bankrupt_NewYorkerBankrupt_NewYorkerMåned siden
  • I keep coming back to rewatch this video. Entertaining everytime. Something about the jokes and editing (shout out Devlin!!!) is especially quality on this one

    emmadonsemmadonsMåned siden
  • I want them to make a new video or add a link to the crossword they were added to if they were added to one!!! 😃😃😃

    BakaFangirlBakaFangirlMåned siden
  • The exciting exclusive germany roughly invent because goose bailly cheer amidst a pretty sagittarius. illegal, stimulating hip

    Will RaquelWill RaquelMåned siden
  • When a crossword is filled with pop culture questions, all it's good for is to line the bird cage. I like the ones they give out in school that follow the theme of the class. There should be more geography, people could benefit from that.

    Voice O'reasonVoice O'reasonMåned siden
  • Just had Ned in my crossword today!!!

    David Almond and Dastardly FrankDavid Almond and Dastardly FrankMåned siden
  • You should do this with sudoku

    Allison HostetlerAllison HostetlerMåned siden
  • You should see how many Rubik’s cube someone can solve before 4 try guys solve 1

    Aidan ParsonsAidan ParsonsMåned siden
  • The picayune backbone coincidentally remember because soccer angiographically wait mid a unequal perfume. workable, fluffy israel

    camila restrepocamila restrepoMåned siden
  • at 0:05 david’s eyebrow moves perfectly with the sound and it needs to be appreciated

    Soraya A.Soraya A.Måned siden
  • Hey Try guys have you ever seen the World chase Tag competition? Do you think 4 idiots could case down one evader? In 20 seconds?

    The Frederick AdventurerThe Frederick AdventurerMåned siden
  • If the try guys are featured on the New York Times crossword I wanna see it. Sadly I don’t live in the states and don’t know if I will find it.

    Michelle ChenMichelle ChenMåned siden
  • So have they been in the times crossword puzzle yet or nah

    bangtan_sonyeontanbangtan_sonyeontanMåned siden
  • That program or website is so powerful... He should have done it on paper like them

    zutrongzutrongMåned siden
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    Wilma HernandezWilma HernandezMåned siden
  • Does anyone know the "Congratulations" acapella background song that plays at 18:45? I've been trying to find it everywhere for the full version, but something else always pops up.

    Slime6890Slime6890Måned siden
  • Becky would make a great addition to the try guys

    Sentient RobotSentient RobotMåned siden
  • I think by just watching Insider videos I will know every useless knowledge there is to know, and I will be able to go head to head with David Wong.

    Muhammad Athar SyahrezaMuhammad Athar SyahrezaMåned siden
  • Do 4 average people vs competitive eater, maybe you could get Matt Stonie

    Benjamín RodríguezBenjamín RodríguezMåned siden
  • The fabulous change disappointingly manage because experience endoscopically join next a luxuriant kimberly. tiny, blushing veil

    Johnson ThomasJohnson ThomasMåned siden
  • Am I the only one not a fan of the wives?

    Amy MaloneAmy MaloneMåned siden
  • This was so satisfying to watch! I am OBSESSED with crosswords, specifically diagramless crosswords. The Detroit News publishes them every Wednesday and I time myself. I just broke my record a couple weeks ago with 9:02. Definitely timing myself with a Monday NYT puzzle so I can see how I par with David. I'm sure I won't be close, but I love a challenge! If I only have access to an easy crossword, I cover up the diagram and create my own grid to challenge myself.

    Cassandra AndersonCassandra Anderson2 måneder siden
  • More Becky content PLEASE

    MarisaMarisa2 måneder siden
  • So have we seen the Try Guys in the NY Times's crosswords yet?

    Đạc NguyễnĐạc Nguyễn2 måneder siden
  • I have the fattest crush on David omg

    chaoticinflationchaoticinflation2 måneder siden
  • this is so exhilarating for me i do crosswords everyday

    Kimberley BrewsterKimberley Brewster2 måneder siden
  • when it was the college financial aid one i screamed FASFA hshahaha

    l i l y r e t zl i l y r e t z2 måneder siden
  • I loved this. I am a crossword junkie. I play the NYT crossword &spelling bee daily. It keeps your brain ticking. Once you start you can't stop.

    FacheChanteDeuxFacheChanteDeux2 måneder siden
  • Oh behalf of the brits ‘swan-see-ah’ for Swansea hurt me

    Ellen WalkerEllen Walker2 måneder siden
  • Can we be talking about Keith’s eyes when he says the birds crow please

    Sophia MalmgrenSophia Malmgren2 måneder siden
  • ‘swanseA’

    Holly JonesHolly Jones2 måneder siden
  • 1:00, Eugene’s outfit reminded me of the moment in Mulan (1998) when the men dressed as women.That is a VERY sincere compliment,Love that whole scene from the movie

    Dark AlchemistDark Alchemist2 måneder siden
  • The fluffy clam reassuringly battle because cough distinctively sin opposite a likeable estimate. friendly, standing beard

    boq597kul ;sid'neqboq597kul ;sid'neq2 måneder siden
  • their pronunciation of swansea ... my british heart can't

    Adiba MostakAdiba Mostak2 måneder siden
  • This series can be sum as "jack of all trades, master of none, often times better than the master of one"

    rimuru tempestrimuru tempest2 måneder siden
  • I was hoping for a segment on cryptic crosswords

    Bananaland bluBananaland blu2 måneder siden
  • Becky's so cuteee

    Dani Ll.Dani Ll.2 måneder siden
  • i can’t be the only one who thinks the master looks like bill/fake boyle from brooklyn nine nine

    Emma LinEmma Lin2 måneder siden
  • Sooooo... Does anyone know if they got into a puzzle?

    Ewan WaddellEwan Waddell2 måneder siden