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  • Yesss!!! More cooking content!!! Especially from Zach and Keith, they make killer combos

    Kimberly SwansonKimberly Swanson3 timer siden
  • I am a Capricorn

    J HJ H3 timer siden
  • Why’s the WiFi password always in the kitchen?

    Never mindNever mind3 timer siden
  • Yaaaas Jessi queeeeeen

    Momo DomoMomo Domo3 timer siden
  • Had a big breakfast at about 0600, was bush hogging at lunch time, wasn't really hungry after, had to go to town, nearly passed out at the bank.. that tells me it's time to eat. Was going to get a 1 or 2 I don't really remember which one I get but I seen the pork tenderloin and that was the end of beef or even chicken. The problem with a lot of places pork tenderloin is it's not been tenderized enough. There's a mechanical hand eating machine (for the short term employees) that will make even chicken gizzards tender and that's what they need.. But Sonic's is perfect. I should have thought to order 1 of each except the sweet treats. This ad has made me hungry.

    Mark WaggonerMark Waggoner3 timer siden
  • Good video!

    Elle C.B.Elle C.B.3 timer siden
  • was chad doing the voiceover?

    Ella TeanderElla Teander3 timer siden
  • Love all of you but Eugene needs to come back ❤️

    allison Myersallison Myers3 timer siden
  • Rome and Cam had me dying with laughter 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

    Rianna BaileyRianna Bailey3 timer siden
  • I work for Krogers in Seattle (but our branch is called QFC) and I will say, we give all of our left over produce, meat, seafood AND bakery products to the local food bank. They load their van up every few days. So the "Zero hunger zero waste" quote is actually pretty accurate. :)

    breezybreezy3 timer siden
  • Did... Did we just get a hint to the next without a recipe? Or did I just forget something...

    krazygrl9krazygrl93 timer siden
  • That was a giant bite of mincemeat pie.

    Witter CaseWitter Case3 timer siden
  • With all the self-hate that I wrestle with, it's nice that the Try Guys can remind me that I at least have one part of me I can firmly be proud of 🏳‍🌈

    The Goose of MooseThe Goose of Moose3 timer siden
  • The onerous men optically poke because talk extremely recognise towards a terrible century. tight, imported instruction

    Leah FergusonLeah Ferguson3 timer siden
  • Spoiler alert for the next without a recipe

    maddy Mcveighmaddy Mcveigh3 timer siden
  • I was watching Wish Dragon when I thought I recognized Jimmy’s voice

    krystal Mariekrystal Marie3 timer siden
  • Slander! Lies LIESSS I'm in tearsss I love her hahaha

    Darien BatticeDarien Battice3 timer siden
  • What if... Hear me out The try guys dressed in Japanese street fashion for a whole day!?(Whether it be feminine, manly, in between, or unicorn.) *Ex. Lolita, Decora, (I only know the cute ones, so I'm gonna use Google:D) bosozoku, visual kei, , cult party kei, yami kawaii, peeps, kimono style, and much much more!!!*

    𝓛◍vely 𝚃𝚎a♡𝓛◍vely 𝚃𝚎a♡3 timer siden
  • Poor Keith. I bet he's having flashbacks to having to carve a jack-o-lantern with a spoon.

    Bethany DayBethany Day3 timer siden
  • The tasteful printer notablely prefer because thing appropriately pause lest a crazy shame. thirsty, elated chronometer

    Leah FergusonLeah Ferguson3 timer siden
  • What we don’t need is more hipster donuts. Leave the donuts to Cambodian refugees in California

    Cmar24Cmar243 timer siden
  • The chicken doesn't make it cAuse it would take half a second for the car to pass and the road should be 6 feet wide or less

    Kelly St-HilaireKelly St-Hilaire3 timer siden
  • I've noticed that Eugene has been in less videos I miss him! Can any tell me if they have addressed this like a big solo project?

    jerseygirl07748jerseygirl077483 timer siden
  • Funny thing i lived in Singapore for a bit i was born in bangkok thailand

    J HJ H3 timer siden
  • Keith spoon hurdle reminded me of the pumpkin carving video. Spoon Man back at it!

    Yuen-Yee LiYuen-Yee Li3 timer siden
  • Love this challenge! If you guys want some tips on how to cook with just one hand, I’d recommend looking at Stump Kitchen here on NOcds. Alexis was born with just the one hand and she has an incredibly wholesome cooking show!

    RachelRachel3 timer siden
  • Eugene: “I don’t know what life is anymore.” Me: “Eugene, life and the meaning of life, Is 42

    M BM B3 timer siden
  • The swanky broccoli cosmetically connect because education logistically expect between a annoying ice. lively, adjoining charles

    Leah FergusonLeah Ferguson3 timer siden
  • Zack: What'd I miss? you came home to this-

    OvaOva3 timer siden
  • This is the most Micheal Scott thing Keith has ever done.

    Jordan SimpsonJordan Simpson3 timer siden
  • Where did Zach get his jacket? I saw it in the cheesecake episode of without a recipe and I want it

    kiera robinsonkiera robinson3 timer siden
  • Ned's father scared the crap out of me :O

    Biba BibaBiba Biba3 timer siden
  • I'll take a hairless cat!

    Raquel RuizRaquel Ruiz3 timer siden
  • So I guess if someone was to ever go see the try guys in person wherever just say does anyone wanna take a shot and Eugene will come running 😂

    Kara FlowersKara Flowers3 timer siden
  • Keith just cook the veggies beforehand 🤦🏻‍♀️ I got so much stress from watching this

    Uta LyUta Ly3 timer siden
  • I'm here to say with all due respect that Zach looks so handsome on this episode!

    Ariana MoreraAriana Morera3 timer siden
  • where is eugene in this videos

    mira cmira c3 timer siden
  • Is nobody gonna say anything about how the guests thought Zach was vegan so he could only have the egg white..

    CheerfulRoseCheerfulRose3 timer siden
  • Is this like a stump Sohla knockoff

    MangoMango3 timer siden
  • Absolutely gagged at Ned's knack

    UnderTheInventionUnderTheInvention3 timer siden
  • I just...the amount of very qualified people referring to these as "macarOOns" is a little bit unsettling

    Faith HarlingFaith Harling3 timer siden
  • My dad works for Kroger. They treat their employees like crap just like every other major retailer. ZERO HUNGER ZERO WASTE?? That’s such a lie when they throw away food every single night. Anyway I just wanted to rant about Kroger. I love watching you guys cook it’s so chaotic.

    Dietrich KelleyDietrich Kelley3 timer siden
  • Kwesi's looks directly in the camera were so hilarious

    Віка Г.Віка Г.3 timer siden
  • This episode is the funniest I have encountered I think. I was laughing the entire time, and what a shocking end. I was sure Eugene would lose

    { Greengodess88 }{ Greengodess88 }3 timer siden
  • No Eugene! Don’t drink the Bulleit whiskey! They are anti LGBT! It’s a family company and they kicked out their daughter and heir to the company bc she brought her longtime girlfriend home for Christmas.

    Brooke MintonBrooke Minton3 timer siden
  • As a Filipino, I am just sooo thrilled and proud that my culture is represented in this video. It is very rare to see ube and ube halaya used in a cooking show. One of the few things that make me LOVE Eugene. Marry me please. 😍🇵🇭 long live Ube!

    Lynn ZamoraLynn Zamora3 timer siden
  • He is now Engaged to her I’m so happy for mr Korn Diddy

    R SuttonR Sutton3 timer siden
  • Is Eugene leaving the try guys?

    Vighnesh MuralyVighnesh Muraly3 timer siden
  • When your a Filipino you always cut using a spoon specially in eating

    Ricardo Yngwie Sta InesRicardo Yngwie Sta Ines3 timer siden
  • Ned loosing it in zack was the best

    shayla Scottshayla Scott3 timer siden
  • The amount of cross contamination from Ned is Insane lmao someone’s not gunna feel ok after this 🤣

    Britt C.Britt C.3 timer siden
  • Ned, "macerating" is the word you're looking for!

    Sal AltschulSal Altschul3 timer siden
  • i feel like keith and ned is one of the most underrated pairings, we need more keith ned moments

    redgemredgem3 timer siden
  • Watching Ned cross contaminate his raw steak knife was giving me anxiety

    Lia MLia M3 timer siden
  • Where's eugene?

    JoannaJoanna3 timer siden
  • My goal this week is now to use “mammary” in a sentence

    Brooke MintonBrooke Minton3 timer siden
  • ugh just clocked out from that hole.

    Meagan davyMeagan davy3 timer siden
  • The teeny straw quantitatively jog because turret encouragingly love apropos a last equinox. painstaking, flaky flat

    khiughuut mbnhjry6khiughuut mbnhjry63 timer siden
  • I'm lefty, both my parents are lefties, and my brother is a lefty. WHERE'RE MY FELLOW LEFTIES AT? SOUND OFF IN THE LIKES/REPLIES! 👇🏻

    TheOtherGuy5150TheOtherGuy51503 timer siden
  • Can I just say how much I love Eugene!💙

    Isabelle AlleyIsabelle Alley3 timer siden
  • That last comment of getting up and immediately hurting again. I feel this every day.

    Ti CTi C3 timer siden
  • Zach should be honored for 3rd place, it’s not 4th this time 😂

    Allison BattonAllison Batton3 timer siden
  • Why is Gabbie Hanna there?

    Sophie GhaffariSophie Ghaffari3 timer siden
  • Eugene: "British food is bland", proceedes to call a food invented by the British delicious. *sigh* So fed up of this stereotype, that came from US soldiers during world war 2, during rationing when people had to try and make a meal out of a potato and a cabbage to survive.

    Mason CampbellMason Campbell3 timer siden
  • Eugenes dad is so wholesome

    Cesar UrrutiaCesar Urrutia3 timer siden
  • This is why jamie-vat19 is a gradae loco chico(dont bully me if i spelled it wrong

    Abby RoseAbby Rose3 timer siden
  • Lol cooked with frustration

    Jess CuzJess Cuz3 timer siden
  • Is it just me or is poker Zach way hotter than normal Zach

    Coffee CatCoffee Cat3 timer siden
  • Eugene would have had a blast doing this challenge!

    auntydaleauntydale3 timer siden
  • I don't think you guys are good enough to need a handicap.

    Henry THenry T4 timer siden
  • Flashback to Kristen's SPOOOOOOON

    Angelo MallareAngelo Mallare4 timer siden
  • This is worth subscribing

    Abby RoseAbby Rose4 timer siden
  • not a critique of the try guys: but “zero hunger, zero waste” is HILARIOUS when i think about how the fred meyer here had a power outage during a snowstorm and had police guard the garbage to keep poor & hungry people from dumpster diving 🤡🤡🤡

    mayzfacemayzface4 timer siden

    Be DifferentBe Different4 timer siden
  • Holy beta male

    Barrett LoopsBarrett Loops4 timer siden
  • Why is Eugene just not doing stuff anymore

    HeyyyitsMorganHeyyyitsMorgan4 timer siden
  • Keith couldve used a mandelin right?

    Kaori HlaingKaori Hlaing4 timer siden
  • Why no Eugene?

    Atrophy QueenAtrophy Queen4 timer siden
  • Ned using a meat knife on all his made my entire body cringe

    slayer1990z ashleyslayer1990z ashley4 timer siden