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  • *looks at Mt. Dew rank* Yup. I'm right, Eugene's wrong, Shut up.

    Namron9797Namron979718 timer siden
  • Let's be honest; we all know Keith's the best.

    BalmungxcxBalmungxcx18 timer siden
  • Zach 100% reads Try Guys fanfic on the regular for funsies

    Katie BarkerKatie Barker18 timer siden
  • Ok that end credits scene fucking sniped me from a neighboring building oh my god! I'm crying real tears

    BB18 timer siden
  • I really want to know what pattern y'all used for your blanket! Could u add the pattern to the description?

    Faith HoosFaith Hoos18 timer siden
  • Ned: “Hand sewing takes so long” Me who has been in my room for four hours sewing my pointe shoes: “You dont say”

    BeansBeans18 timer siden
  • 1. Eugene has always been BEAUTIFUL. With facial hair, tho...DAMN. 2. Keith has nice lips. Just the way they are he's a damn good kisser. 3. Ned is hot, and the way he WORSHIPS Ariel is, well...HOT. Totally. 4. Zach is my favorite, tho. He's the CUTEST Try Guy. He has these pretty eyes, a cute nose, and yes, nice lips. PLUS, he's quick and hilarious. Best jokes of the four. He's the one I'd date and...

    Alice's RabbitAlice's Rabbit18 timer siden
  • Imagine the try wives give the try guys a spa day. Those girls would stop half way to drink wine and wouldn’t even finish cause they would want to drink wine more

    Sarai StampsSarai Stamps18 timer siden
  • Lol, tbh they could not have picked a more annoying host. Also, his audio lagged a bit.

    April AntonioApril Antonio18 timer siden
  • Zack: "Eugene: Tae Kwon Do, Ned: FLORIDA MAN"

    Chance DaughertyChance Daugherty18 timer siden
  • Rank king chips when!?

    Garin godfreyGarin godfrey18 timer siden
  • I'm genuinely confused as to why Keith isn't getting enough hype! He's amazing!

    Rebecca JorgensonRebecca Jorgenson18 timer siden
  • nobody: literally no-one: subtitles: [email protected] bEar [email protected]

    Bunny BearBunny Bear18 timer siden
  • So not to be rude, but like, why does ned have more thirsty comments? He sounds like a cartoon character. Keiths voice. The best. Like melted butter 😂

    Chelsea ProctorChelsea Proctor18 timer siden
  • so, this had to be super perfect, everyone does great, little goes wrong, like this is because of the sponsor.....right?

    J KiuperJ Kiuper18 timer siden
  • We need a sequel

    Kristina MikaKristina Mika18 timer siden
  • I really like this type of videos from try guys

    Cat GirlCat Girl18 timer siden
  • I forgot how funny this video is

    Dontevenknow anymoreDontevenknow anymore18 timer siden
  • I am so glad that Zach is marrying a nurse because he worries me when he uses kitchen utensils.

    Desirae DennisDesirae Dennis18 timer siden
  • Petition for Myles to do a formal roasting of the try guys for a video

    AshAsh18 timer siden
  • Any body feel like Zach and Eugene are so kind and the backbone of empathy and hype for this crew and then Ned is clearly a Yale graduate and Keith is self centered with a short fuse and wants to be the star

    Sarah RoseSarah Rose18 timer siden
  • I've been doing that wings trick for years. YEARS!! It works, you just have to remove the cartilage that's holding the two bones first.

    Fuck you Youtube and GoogleFuck you Youtube and Google18 timer siden
  • How he recited the whole quote from the bottom of the cup

    Kimanh VoKimanh Vo18 timer siden
  • That Virgo interpretation is so damn accurate

    kidney_beankidney_bean18 timer siden
  • 15:39 I'm now mad at Ned

    Bri uwuBri uwu18 timer siden
  • The amount of murder references in this video is unreal

    SamSam18 timer siden
  • Why is.keith giving me hot chef vibes

    rayna coiarayna coia18 timer siden
  • couldnt enjoy this video as much cause these men were in pain

    Reychell BrooksReychell Brooks19 timer siden
  • yay scorpio

    lo.petii 9000lo.petii 900019 timer siden
  • This is such an underrated video full of pure Try Guys energy. Prove me wrong.

    Christina BelleChristina Belle19 timer siden
  • Who can hate Ned for real?

    Alberto DoteAlberto Dote19 timer siden
  • Try Guys NEED to play Cards Against Humanity against each other.

    Annie BurkeAnnie Burke19 timer siden
  • try wives- utter chaos Matt- being a gourmet chef

    Rintarō’s MintsRintarō’s Mints19 timer siden
  • Friendly reminder that vomiting should always be censored yay nothing like a day ruined

    Sarah RoseSarah Rose19 timer siden
  • The try guys reacting to hate comments always makes me sad... anyways kith is the hottest

    Dontevenknow anymoreDontevenknow anymore19 timer siden
  • and now astrazeneca and johnson and johnson are banned coz too dangerous. These girls know nothing.

    Jet DelaunayJet Delaunay19 timer siden
  • You guys need to Golf again sometime maybe against the dude perfect guys.

    Wired WrongWired Wrong19 timer siden
  • Aww! Little Wes is wearing a Mahomes jersey! Doesn't that just make my Kansas heart sing!

    Shelby PileShelby Pile19 timer siden
  • i need a Sam in my life

    Urjaswi SarkarUrjaswi Sarkar19 timer siden
  • I got the wooden spoon

    Kohen Murakami-HeuKohen Murakami-Heu19 timer siden
  • the lil seals ahh :(((

    chazchaz19 timer siden
  • 40 minutes is right thought... 8 crafts 1 craft = 5 minutes 8 crafts x 5 minutes = 40 minutes

    Erika WErika W19 timer siden
  • Can’t believe you didn’t invite TheOdd1sOut to give his perspective on Soooubwai

    GallifrAngelGallifrAngel19 timer siden
  • Is it just me or do all the Try Guys look more attractive in this video.

    classchyckclasschyck19 timer siden
  • Loved this episode!! All the guys looked really attractive here except for Ned. He needs to step up his dressing game.

    TheBeauellaTheBeauella19 timer siden
  • The USA found on freedom and justice . Ha ha ha ha .... Racism !

    Welcome to the Bat caveWelcome to the Bat cave19 timer siden
  • My god you guys are fucking irritating. Much credit to her for being such a sweet person

    harlemhornetharlemhornet19 timer siden
  • Eugene!!!!!!!

    OFF•YA Manes1*1OFF•YA Manes1*119 timer siden
  • Keith Habersnoberger

    roselyn2simproselyn2simp19 timer siden
  • Keith is smexy!

    Little CactusLittle Cactus19 timer siden
  • Anti-asian hate? Hating people who hate asians?

    Sefa BaskalSefa Baskal19 timer siden
  • What a dramatic intro 💀

    T̶r̶o̶l̶l̶ O̶v̶e̶r̶l̶o̶a̶d̶i̶n̶g̶T̶r̶o̶l̶l̶ O̶v̶e̶r̶l̶o̶a̶d̶i̶n̶g̶19 timer siden
  • That solstice question could have had more clear sentence structure

    Alicia CoralAlicia Coral20 timer siden
  • In every videos Ned is the baby boy ..

    Shreyasree RoyShreyasree Roy20 timer siden
  • This video was hard to watch because you all are so stunning as is ahhh

    Sarah RoseSarah Rose20 timer siden
  • Eugene needs to make a wine line Keith has sauce Zach has tea Eugene Needs to make wine

    Celsey BrownCelsey Brown20 timer siden
  • Ummm y'all are trippin cuz a mimosa is the best brunch drink sorry you are wrong

    Isabelle MilletIsabelle Millet20 timer siden
  • I'm confused, Is Eugene the alpha in his relationship or not?

    orchidddorchiddd20 timer siden
  • It looks great! Where did you get your labels for your tea?

    Yvette Laboy Lupus Wellness CoachYvette Laboy Lupus Wellness Coach20 timer siden
  • I love how when Ned comes in they all just start screaming

    Emily MoranEmily Moran20 timer siden
  • I love how the try guys introduces the whole crew on the channel!

    T̶r̶o̶l̶l̶ O̶v̶e̶r̶l̶o̶a̶d̶i̶n̶g̶T̶r̶o̶l̶l̶ O̶v̶e̶r̶l̶o̶a̶d̶i̶n̶g̶20 timer siden
  • Why is the gay one the only who seems straight, the other 3 are fucking FA-LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMING!

    Kimbap TempuraKimbap Tempura20 timer siden
  • Why nobody talk about indian american where living in america before any english man came here

    TanphatTanphat20 timer siden
  • Matt is a gift to the world

    RoseRose20 timer siden
  • toxic masculinity who

    russian gorlrussian gorl20 timer siden
  • Miles is the kind of man we all deserve and Becky is the hypeman we all need

    Faith HoosFaith Hoos20 timer siden
  • The artistic direction of this is UNMATCHED

    Katie BarkerKatie Barker20 timer siden
  • *sexually promiscuous comment to Keith here*

    Gaby LunaGaby Luna20 timer siden
  • I hated everything about that Dr. EVERYTHING. What a gross 🍆 head.

    Namron9797Namron979720 timer siden
  • If anyone's a B99 fan, John gives me such Holt vibes.

    Maxwell ZalewskiMaxwell Zalewski20 timer siden
  • 5:41 it says simmer for 9 months- i'm officially dead lmao

    Weirdo EditsWeirdo Edits20 timer siden
  • Age gracefully men.

    Glitch MachineGlitch Machine20 timer siden
  • Hahaha..

    Sunshine NgSunshine Ng20 timer siden
  • i ship zach x keith

    weasley twins are mineweasley twins are mine20 timer siden
  • subtitles are not synced

    Raven AndreRaven Andre20 timer siden
  • People need to stop relying on dumb starsigns

    Bakari SummersBakari Summers20 timer siden
  • There is no sarsciv-2 vaccine. There is an EXPERIMENTAL medical device that; -Does not prevent the contraction of covid -Does not prevent the contagion of covid -Have important side effects like DEATH.

    Manu RicherManu Richer20 timer siden
  • Any other Mykaela's get whiplash?

    Mykaela MMykaela M20 timer siden
  • Keith & becky house tour!!!!

    Lydiapw123Lydiapw12320 timer siden