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  • Where is Eugene?🤔

    lizethhlizethh6 timer siden
  • Cindy Chen designs posted her doing makeup on the try guys!!!

    hailey westhailey west6 timer siden
  • I was actually quite impressed by Ned's work, it looks so beautiful and sofisticated! But Kalen's wow, just perfect!

    Yuu_RenYuu_Ren6 timer siden
  • the older keith gets the more he looks like herman munster

    HYDROHYDRO6 timer siden
  • its pride month 2021, i rmb when this video first came out i was so surprised seeing this m as de me cry and stilll does for no reason it just gives me chills :,)

    ilovepotatoes like alotilovepotatoes like alot6 timer siden
  • Not Ned making it red instead of green and now it looks like a look that Abby from TikTok did

    Ari NicoleAri Nicole6 timer siden
  • I love how confident zach was in this one 😍

    The Expressive UnconsciousThe Expressive Unconscious6 timer siden
  • I love the Mouline Rouge reference xD

    Otakugam MusOtakugam Mus6 timer siden
  • where's Eugene???

    Ronak PanchalRonak Panchal6 timer siden
  • Love there videos good makeup

    Gavyn MasseyGavyn Massey6 timer siden
  • wow- Zach did really good

    crazy4beatlescrazy4beatles6 timer siden
  • Cindy’s voice is soo soothing 🔮

    70 Vaishnavi Vinod70 Vaishnavi Vinod6 timer siden
  • Well Ned and Keith quoting Gladiator confirmed something for me that I suspected…straight men love Gladiator. My dad would watch Gladiator and The Patriot back to back on a nonstop loop if he could.

    Krissi076Krissi0766 timer siden
  • We all know Eugene would rock this shit

    Emma ZickEmma Zick6 timer siden
  • Keith's base color is spot on identical to a port wine stain birth mark (my source is I have one lol)

    f4kef4ngsf4kef4ngs6 timer siden
  • zach's photo looks really artistic I love it.

    Melina. DMelina. D6 timer siden
  • I'd love to see more try guys collabs!

    Julia LopezJulia Lopez6 timer siden
  • ok but Zach with no glasses???? Maggie's got a man

    Marlon AlanoMarlon Alano6 timer siden
  • Keith looks like a catfish! I'm dying

    Nadia LeeNadia Lee6 timer siden
  • Do Try Guys try singing with Leroy Sanchez 💛💖

    Charlotte AnnaCharlotte Anna6 timer siden
  • HEAR ME OUT!! Toxic masculinity but with kalen as a special guest to give advice????!

    Anya YehAnya Yeh6 timer siden
  • this was a super helpful video to see, I have chronic pelvic pain and all of the bladder, bowel, and abdominal pain and complications that go along with it, and that psoas equipment looks like it might be a useful part of my physio routine, thanks so much! Zach, I hope you find something that helps long term, I hope we all do. In the meantime, I'll be watching these videos.

    Jennifer DevlinJennifer Devlin6 timer siden
  • i just saw this vid and omg adrienne and chloe my faves!!

    Bruna OliveiraBruna Oliveira6 timer siden
  • uh HELLO drunk shakespeare?! yes!!!!

    Madeline WilsonMadeline Wilson6 timer siden

    Chandler RichardsChandler Richards6 timer siden
  • No Eugene!?

    Jesse MenbrenoJesse Menbreno6 timer siden
  • Where's Eugene

    JubaloopJubaloop6 timer siden
  • Try Guys Try WELDING!!!!!

    GothpunkstarXoXoGothpunkstarXoXo6 timer siden
  • Keith not only had me crying with laughter, but dude...that purple did WONDERS for your eyes. So friggin handsome. 🥰

    Samantha WiseSamantha Wise6 timer siden
  • Nah. I just see two face

    serenityq26serenityq266 timer siden
  • back when Keith did Chicken watch he met Babish

    Nick CutlerNick Cutler6 timer siden
  • “Looking at your photo ma’am” oh my😂😂

    Tia HallTia Hall6 timer siden
  • “Can someone do the eyeliner for meeee :(“ Ned 🥺

    Sky EvansSky Evans6 timer siden
  • Where's Eugene please?! I miss him in these videos 🥺

    Juhi MandhareJuhi Mandhare6 timer siden
  • Keith is giving me “Trixy and Katja show” and “oh snape” vibes today and I dig it! Like the editing is so good!

    Paulina ChristinaPaulina Christina6 timer siden
  • I love the looks. Looks like the guys had a lot of fun with it and it shows. Super cool

    Tereza HerrmannováTereza Herrmannová6 timer siden
  • where is Eugene

    C GlendinningC Glendinning6 timer siden
  • I initially wasn't taking the florist guy seriously..but damn he knows his stuff...

    Manoj KumarManoj Kumar6 timer siden
  • loving how cindy is like thier inner voice lmao

    eliielii6 timer siden
  • i love her vibe 🥰

    xuan xuanxuan xuan6 timer siden
  • So did Eugene quit?

    the Raven Kingthe Raven King6 timer siden
  • Omg 😭 everytime I watch tall challenges u guys keep getting better but wth?

    The Large ShowThe Large Show6 timer siden
  • ned kinda looks like that one pierce the veil album cover

    emmaemma6 timer siden
  • Found the trypod to hold me over in between video drops, appreciate you

    MassMuttMassMutt6 timer siden
  • He's FAB

    serenityq26serenityq266 timer siden
  • Yes I’ve been waiting for this video

    Leanne ChapmanLeanne Chapman6 timer siden
  • Zach’s look gives me Clockwork Orange vibes

    Gracie JohnsonGracie Johnson6 timer siden
  • Keith is hot. Keith is sexy, no cap.

    silvaslogsilvaslog6 timer siden
  • Yall HAVE to watch 15:25-15:35 😂

    karissakarissa6 timer siden
  • 2:55 i was SO confused when the unsolved music started playing my brain was like wait where are we

    Maja MMaja M6 timer siden
  • "we need one person to do well" Zach has no faith in his fellow try guys 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Kalley McClureKalley McClure6 timer siden
  • I WOULD LOVE A TRY GUYS TRY MACBETH but also the skull is a Hamlet reference...

    Mijn du PontMijn du Pont6 timer siden
  • ned surprisingly did well and his lipstick is getting better

    Hannah ChantHannah Chant6 timer siden
  • keith brought a lot of great energy to this haha, i loved the indignant "ma'am" and the sassy thanos click, what a legend 🥰😄

    Cat RavenhillCat Ravenhill6 timer siden
  • Why is Eugene never in the videos anymore?

    Fanfic CaféFanfic Café6 timer siden
  • i feel zach, if i use anything made for ‘sensitive skin’ i break out in hives edit: as a weeb, eugenes are so fuckinb cute 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    skullqoreskullqore6 timer siden
  • Neds forehead looks like ancient sanskrit.

    P HeartP Heart6 timer siden
  • you should try Pauly D's Italian Subs if its near you!!

    Hannah JohnsHannah Johns6 timer siden
  • They all did so good

    slayer1990z ashleyslayer1990z ashley6 timer siden
  • I can't believe Mariah Carey used to watch the Try Guys. Hopefully she still does. I wonder who her favorite is.

    Brianna KeoganBrianna Keogan6 timer siden
  • Y'all I'm starting to worry... it's been WEEKS where TF is EUGENE?!? He woulda KILLED IT at Avant Garde make-up!!

    Calypso SkysCalypso Skys6 timer siden
  • omg, if eugene leaves....Kalen, be our next icon

    Hannah GHannah G6 timer siden
  • Amber Moon (and the power of **EGGS**) and the last drink when Zach guessed battery acid and Keith put his glasses in the drink were my favorites

    JackJack6 timer siden
  • This makes me want candy for some reason...

    Sara BSara B6 timer siden
  • I didn't see Kalen in the thumbnail and thought maybe there was just somebody with the same name lol. But NOPE, there's that gorgeous ray of sunshine, ugh, love him so much

    JuneiperJuneiper6 timer siden
  • she was being way too kind to keith... that mouth was literally terrifying omg

    Kayla CarlyleKayla Carlyle6 timer siden
  • so where is eugene

    Haley AndersonHaley Anderson6 timer siden

    renz benamirarenz benamira6 timer siden
  • Ohmygod, I died at Kalen's "Princess Diaries" reference! "I give you....a princess."

    Kyra Van HornKyra Van Horn6 timer siden
  • Where is Eugene???

    Sammi LewisSammi Lewis6 timer siden
  • Keith: Thanos Zach: Drax

    Wameng YangWameng Yang6 timer siden
  • I didn't know avant garde existed after this vid

    Jose Alexander OcampoJose Alexander Ocampo6 timer siden
  • my 1D fan anxious ass not seeing eugine in the recent videos and thinking they’re gonna split up: 😰

    Maria Eduarda LyraMaria Eduarda Lyra6 timer siden
  • Kalen did such a good job!

    Natalia FernándezNatalia Fernández6 timer siden
  • Maaaaaan I LOVED THIS Didn't it were a thing, but now in totally here for it. Already followed Cindy and really loved the good energies that you all put into this video. And btw her look for the video was such a chef's kiss 😘 And Zach, you are all iconic, Mariah Carey knows you, you have made in life. And I really admire that all the new guests for the sake of 'being the Eugene', all of them are INCREDIBLE, I laughed my ass off with this week's guest (sorry I'm on my phone and can't come back in video to check how to properly speel your name, but know that you were ICONIC). And he is right, black don't crack. And his art was the best really, but you'll were BEAUTIFUL. PLEASE DO THE MACBETH IDEA, I WOULD LOVE THAT. AS A THEATER PERSON I ABSOLUTELY *LOVE* WHEN YOU ALL START TO SING. Wish someday I can do something as interesting that my fans can tell you to collab with me, it would be such a honor, the distance would be a problem thought since I'm Brazilian. But a fan can only dream so much. You are such incredible role models. Love you all and your work. And just cause nobody remembers to thank them, you have an amazing staff, I assume Kaitlyn was the one to find out about this and she and Rachel got in contact with Cindy. But the editting was beautiful (YB and Elliott, I see you), the way it was filmed, the sound was perfect and the production was very entertaining. I loved it. (Could name all the try staff, but feel like I already type too much, but you are all amazing people and your job is flawless) (Sam is my spirit animal, sorry everyone) Can't wait to see how Alex is gonna be a piece of art in Cindy's channel so bye ❤️ Ps. Ariel is such a gorgeous soul that I smiled as soon as she popped up and hope your project is going well Eugene.

    Tatiana ThaysTatiana Thays6 timer siden
  • Love kalen!!

    cana coxcana cox6 timer siden
  • I cant believe Eugene missed this!

    Tejaswini DeshmukhTejaswini Deshmukh6 timer siden
  • Ive been loving Zach more and more these past video's. Deadpan comedy has been on point.

    Content from JessContent from Jess6 timer siden
  • I dont see eugene anymorendor some reason? based on the there recent uploads...

    jacobkix bonijacobkix boni6 timer siden
  • ❤️

    Glysenel CarmelaGlysenel Carmela6 timer siden